Jeremy @23 months

I m not been posting any on the blog, cos i was down with flu and bad cough … yah, my turn to get sick. Jeremy was fine now , thanks for all the wishes and regards. I think I had lost track with his developmental … Here’s some i can remember …. yah yah, i was thinking how to celebrate his TWO years old Birthday next month too . ……

He is …………………….

  • A very talkative lil boy , language skills is improving … can say in short sentence .Some of the words he pronounce is very clear but still some in baby language.

  • An animal lover, love watching animal show like national geography in animal,can name animal very well .

  • A quick learner I should say .Some of the thing we do and say 1 times, he will remember and follow.I sure if I put more patient and time on teaching him, he will learn faster & pick up well. (all my fault … I m too tired and too lazy to teach him, cos sometime it’s turn out a mess and fight )

  • Very into ‘driving’ lately. like turning the steering wheel and make the car sound & always wanna to seat with papa so he can drive . But just a very short distance only.

  • A very troublesome lil boy when come to eating out and outing for some shopping, Not being cooperative when eating out, always make trouble, want spoon, want folk, want rice… want this and that …sometime even knock the table with the spoon …. and people around look at us…. like ” why is this boy so naughty ?? ” When bring him out to shopping, don’t like to hold hand, like to walk himself…. That’s is why i hardly go shopping now . Everytime come back from shopping, i feel very tired !!

  • Not yet in potty train, but will tell me when je wanna poo poo.
  • A destroyer, almost each new toys will be broken within few minute . That why we hardly buy toys for him.
  • Last …… He is soon become TWO years old .


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