Into ….. Dinosaur

Lately Jeremy fall in love with Dinosaur !!
He will said : Long neck saur, big big saur ……
I not sure where he get the idea of dinosaur.

Later Daddy even bought some dinosaur CD movie.
Some of the movie was scary
but Jeremy didnt show any fear …
He enjoy the movie !!

Since he love dinosaur, so i plan to get him some dinosaur book.
But it’s seem difficult to get.
Mostly with lots of words & knowledge about a certain dinosaur

and those book more suitable for adult and teen.

so after few bookshops i go ….

till i found this :
My Dinasour Book from Kinokuniya.The pictures was sharp ,big & colouful ,
just the right book for Jeremy.
That’s the book i m looking for. Cost RM21.90 ( not bad-la)
It’s a board book.
The first time he saw the book, he was looking at the first page for very long time.
He was amazed with so many different kind of dinosaur.
But sorry to say, each dinosaur species was very difficult to pronounce .
so, every single was dinosaur for him, just with long neck,
with horns, with teeth, with spikes……
Glad i found this book.


15 Responses to “Into ….. Dinosaur”

  1. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Nice book! It is so clear and attractive. Sean also like dinosaur too.

  2. slavemom Says:

    Brave boy! The book is a good buy. U can teach him the names, he may not be able to pronounce them now, but they’re stored in him memory. He may surprise u one day when he says out the name of the dinosaur when he sees it.

  3. chanelwong Says:

    very nice book you got there…

  4. Lian Says:

    Ooh, nice book. My son is also a dinosaur fan. At very young age he can name many dinosaurs. So don’t underestimate your son.

  5. sue Says:

    Very nice book, it seems that many books not found elsewhere can be found at Kinokuniya..

  6. Hazel Says:

    most children love to see dinosaur but very unlucky it has extinct already

  7. mybabybay Says:

    The only dinosaurs that my children know is Barney, Babybop and BJ. 😀

  8. vickylow Says:

    I found many boys like dinosaur

  9. jacss Says:

    good that u get dinasaur book for him instead of dinasaur toy…. which i think soon he will demand too…haha!!

  10. jazzmint Says:

    nice book :).

  11. Ita Says:

    Joshua also used to loved dinosaurs until his brother start eating them. No wonder there are no more dinosaurs in this world. Hahaha…..

  12. Everyday Healy Says:

    Do you have one of the Elmo show which just came out lately? That’s all about Dinasour. It’s quite funny! Elizabeth like it so much. May be Jeremy will enjoy it too! 😛

  13. andrewjune Says:

    oh so this is the book that oki told me about hehehe…
    yeah that's really a nice book!

    love the photo of william & jeremy…william watched jurassic park with jeremy is it? hahaha…


  14. kunthanrajan Says:

    hello friend..u ahve a nice blog..i like it very mush…i like to link it ot mine blogrolling u wish the same do freind….at

  15. Serene Says:

    The dinasour book looks very scary… Does Jeremy like that?

    Actually my ger also like dinasour, but in cute version. That is… Barney! Hahaha

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