More Practice & Experience

Lovable & Pink Cupcake
This Cupcake i bake for my “Chi Mui” during her wedding night buffet
at her house last Saturday.
Well, just for her and family member only. Not for visitor.
A Quick Pizza – Recipe take from Chinnee . Nextime will have to put more cheese.
Another Pandan Cupcake & for my another “Chi Mui’ daughter to do some deco .
Also try some grill Chicken Wing by using Mccormick Hickory BBQ Buffalo Wings. Pandan Yogurt Cake recipe take from Congking Ninja.

Cheese Biscuit
Delicious Asian Food.

I bake and bake for the last few week (Weekend). non-stop. hihihi.
I’m having fun with this baking and grilling.
The only thing i don’t like was the washing part… everything was so creamy & oily.

I got some comments from blogger saying that “practice makes perfect“,
well, of cos my baking was not perfect , and yet still alot to learn and experience.

I do fail during my baking .
Some turn out not nice and not good looking at all.
( the cake not being bake even, some sank in the middle, some too hard)
I believe not everyone can bake a good and nice cake with the same recipe .
But i just love to try out more and more till i get the result i want.
That’s the way we learn and improve. right ????
I welcome all the comments and tips from you all who are good at this.

22 Responses to “More Practice & Experience”

  1. andrewjune Says:

    wah if you are determined and hv the perseverance to do something you want, you will certainly have it! yes, practice makes perfect…long time ago, i dont even know how to cook porridge for rachael hahaha…but now, i think i can cook a decent bowl of porridge for her to eat 🙂

    nothing is impossible!

    btw, those pink cupcakes looks so nice-lah…i think your “chi mui” must be happy to receive them from you!

    so you’ll be baking cupcsakes for jeremy’s bday coming soon?


    i also recently started baking & blogging at the same time .. so long way to go before I can post some nice decent bakes on my blog.

  3. khongfamily Says:

    Woww..exciting weekends…non stop baking! I’m going to start experiment cupcakes baking soon too if time permits. Way to go!!

  4. slavemom Says:

    The pink cupcakes r vy lovely! If u hv the interest, u’ll try n try till u get the result u want. N I’m sure it won’t take u vy long too. Keep it up!

  5. little prince's mummy Says:

    Wow!~ so many practices and experiences~~~~ 🙂

  6. wen Says:

    wah u really hv the time to do so many experiences!

  7. Cat Cat Says:

    The cupcake looks good… I’m sure you chi mui liked it so much. We have a big oven but I hardly bake… Think I should bake some cakes for the girls.

  8. Hazel Says:

    wow, yummy cupcakes and tasty pizza, u r really a good cook.

  9. Big Boys Oven Says:

    very nice bakes you have there! 😉

  10. Miaoy Says:

    ur poor oven, non-stop leh…
    haha, u r sooo hard working,
    i still dun wanna start baking,
    think of soo many things to use, to wash later..lazy..
    keep working ya…

  11. Anggie's Journal Says:


    Yah, i guess i will bake cupcake for Jeremy coming B’day .. still figure out what theme should i choose….
    hahhaa… hopefully it turn out good..

    family first:
    Thanks for dopping by my blog.

    cant wait for ur cupcake creation..

    Thanks for your credit .. thanks for your support too .

    lil prince mummy:
    yah… more to come .. 🙂

    i only do during weekend, especially saturday morning, when my son with nanny and i m not working … that’s the most peaceful time i have to bake
    cake.. hahahha

    yah, my chi mui was so touch and surprise to received those pinky cupcake.


    Big Boy Oven:
    hihihi… dunt laugh at me ya, i wanna learn from u la, will find a day to attend your baking class 🙂

    Poor Oven ??? that’s is why the Oven is here mah … try la baking , sure u like it … yala, the washing part actually the tedious part for me….. hahahhaha… no maid, then have to wash myself la…

  12. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Your pandan yoghurt cake is making me drooooool!!

  13. Everyday Healy Says:

    Wow! Yummy! I must start baking too. I promised Liz to make her a birthday cake this year. Another 3 months to go. God!

    By the way, is Jeremy fully recover now? Just a few months, he grow so tall. Really like a big boy d. But, why blue black?

  14. sting Says:

    you do have a lot of patience.. that’s a very good thing 🙂 all the best ya and love to one of the lucky “chi mui” who gets to taste them.. hehe

  15. jacss Says:

    yerrr….so nice leh, i so envy! i love the pink pink pink….
    i can udrstd u, when d umpph is there, we just can't stop ourselves from baking,baking & baking. i was just like u…
    i also tried d buffolo wing sauces..nice !!
    yes, when u had failed & tried again, d eventual success will make u very very happy & satisfied !!!

  16. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Wow! this is gorgeous! You are right, practice makes prefect! Bravo Anggie! I was off baking last weekend due to “bacteria” attacked! haha… sick!

  17. Yatie_T Says:

    your cupcake looks so pretty, chicken wings and pizza looks delicious.

    I hope Jeremy is feeling better now. Poor Jeremy with a big bruise on his face.

  18. Ruth Says:

    look so nice and yummy! u really got heart to do…Kambateh Anggie!

  19. Shern's mom Says:

    Wow, you can really bake huh.

  20. sue Says:

    Very nice! And you’re making good use of this investment.. your oven!

  21. jazzmint Says:

    wah so nice lehh….

  22. LindaLow Says:

    wah Anggie, now u became a pro in baking?? I also plan to learn to bake la:) Keep posting the recipe ok. But i need to buy my tools 1st la:)

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