My weekend !!

Not really a nice weekend for me….Jeremy fall sick with fever, flu and bad cough since last Friday. Su-su (Jeremy’s uncle) also fall sick, Grandma also fall sick ….. and me myself also not feeling well with lil cough. I think becos of the bad weather. When a kids or baby fall sick, they get very moody and “lau-kai” …Daddy was having class from Friday till Sunday, i was alone taking care him… aiyo …. so tiring for me. Always want me to carry, so sick yet still saying wanna go out and go kai kai . I still worry the fever will come back again . Today already Monday, if the fever come back again… today will have to go for blood test … just in case got dengue …. ( pls … i dun wan to go tru this again… pls ….)
This was an old photo …
i was suppose to post about this blue black at Jeremy face, but i forgot.
But now he fall sick and the expression was just the same as the photo shown.
Tired, moody, lau kai and TV was the way to keep him good 😦

BTW, i was off last Friday, and i meet up with “someone” .
A lecturer from all the way from Japan.
We meet up at KLCC and we had a long chat.
Meeting up with another Junior to have lunch as well at
Hajime Japanese Restaurant @ Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Very nice place, Very nice Food.
But what i mad was the taxi driver who fetch us to Hajime from KLCC .
Just a 10 minute distance.
He charge us RM25 . Just becos my lecturer was a Japaness ???
The reason he give was : Ini taxi service, hantar u mari dan i kena balik KLCC. 2 way !!
Should had write down the number and make a complain.
After makan makan and chit chatting .
We walk back to Ampang park and took a train back to KLCC which only RM1 only.

This time i make a courage to ask my lecturer,
Something that i like to know for very long time which is whether he have any children??

Cos he seem to fly here and there for visit and working.
His answer was : I don’t have any children and YOU ALL are my children.
i so touch lei ….
at the end of the gathering. He give me a small gift.
This time he give me the right gift ……
cos last time he gave me a
wrong gift ( a baby girl dress for Jeremy!!)

I like those bento set very much lei.

All the way from Tokyo ,Japan. One for me and one for Jeremy.
I always love this kind of Lunch Box.
Somemore now are so popular Bento-ing.
Cant wait and start using it … hihihi


15 Responses to “My weekend !!”

  1. Jacss Says:

    yes, taxi driver in klcc so terrible…slaughter tourist only but u kena pulak…!!
    what a lovely lunch boxes…make good start for u…no more excuse preparing bento, hehehe!

    btw, hope yr lil boy do not have to go thru d pain…speedy recovery for him & all at home yea!!

  2. mybabybay Says:

    Hope he get well soon!

  3. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Nice bento set! So nice of your lecturer. I am sure Jeremy will benefits from it… hope he will recover soon…

  4. Ita Says:

    Hope that Jeremy boy recover soon.

  5. sting Says:

    hope he gets well soon too ya… sigh, it indeed is no fun and is very tiring for mummies when kids are sick… take care too

  6. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    so nice yur lecturer!!

  7. slavemom Says:

    How’s Jeremy now? Hope the fever has subsided. Coz prolonged fever is vy worrisome. Speedy recovery to Jeremy.
    Wah… u guys r vy close to ur lecturer. Still keeping in touch n meet up when there’s a chance. That’s really wonderful.

  8. andrewjune Says:

    ehhhh why didnt take photo with him and post some photos? emmm, how did he know now very “heng” bento sets hah hehehe? this time, he got you the right gifts leh…hehehehe….anyway, the bento sets really very nice lah…

    yeah lah sometimes i also wonder why he doesnt hv children, but i never had the courage to ask him so hahaha….

    and here’s hoping lil jeremy has recovered and hope it’s just a normal fever…

  9. Jacss Says:

    here's my answer to yr query anggie:
    pancake mix is pre-mix or ready-made flour for pancake which means u didn't have to add in any ingredients apart from water & eggs! check it out & u will find it…

  10. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks for the info for the mix flour will found out soon .

    no more fever now, but bad flu and cough.

    yah, nice bento set.


    mummy to QQ:
    yah, he is very nice lecturer

    i was wory the pass few day … now he no more fever liau …. phew….

    i forgot to bring my camera la, so didnt take any photo…
    We had some email and chat abt this bento lunch box from japan b4 he came. i guess he had something in mind …!!!???

  11. Ruth Says:

    Hope that Jeremy boy fully recover soon.

  12. Boi Says:

    Hi Anggie,

    I am envy you have a very close and nice lecturer, you’re luckily met him 🙂

    So touch when he said that words, I can feel that. He should be the exemplary of all lecturer, and student dream for it.

    How come you only received gift from your lovely lecturer but not repay? Haha…

  13. jazzmint Says:

    hope he gets well soon.

    wahh…so u also gotta start bento-ing

  14. vickylow Says:

    Wish your all speedy recovery.

  15. sue Says:

    Yeah, those taxis are terrible… they’re such rip offs.

    And your lecturer is so courteous.. everytime come back also bring some stuff for your boy..

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