Little Boy Joy

Recently i realize Jeremy slowly fall in love with this kind
of “coin play station” ( What u call this har ??)
But still one problem … He don’t like and scared when the music was ON.
Mayb the sound was too loud and too shaky, that why he scared!!
Lastime he was so scared when try to put him in even without the music.
Now he love it. Especially those Car, Train, Plain, horse…..
Yah, big boy already i guess.
Now when ever he see it, he will run and wanna to play.

It’s been a long holiday for the pass few days.
We’re out to Shopping complex like Midvelly, Jusco, Alamanda….
Jeremy never miss any opportunity to play this.
While he was enjoying playing with daddy accompany .
Me will have a quick shopping.
It’s been a Mega/Merdeka sale the whole August.
We managed to buy 3 Latax pillow ( mummy, daddy and Jeremy),
Bedsheets for kids, all got 50-70% sale. So worth it !!

Mummy happy with shopping, Jeremy Happy Playing.
Poor Daddy, tired taking care Jeremy and Driving us here and there.
Thanks hubby 🙂


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