Another First Time of Mine ..

Another baking story of mine again … hope u all don’t get bored ya …. if u have read my blog from time to time, then you’ll know i just bought a new toys -OVEN. Getting addicted to baking and try new recipe , then only i will feel worth to invest in this OVEN.. even is not so expensive. … hehehe 🙂

My very first baking was the cupcakes… those cupcakes turn out quite good and yummy …. it’s give me more “vooommm” to try out more & of cos you guys “credit” and comments was also part of the inspiration .

Ok… back to this “First Time” of mine, i was thinking to bake cookies/Biscuits , people been telling me , baking cookies/biscuits was even more easy and simple to do compare to baking Cupcake . So i started to search for the easiest cookies to try. Then i come across this Cheese Biscuits from Hochiak !! Delicious Asian Food .

Here’s is the recipe & method :
230 grammes of cheedar cheese (sliced)
1 egg
170 grammes butter
340 grammes flour
a little soda
a little salt

Sieve flour and soda together.
Put salt, butter and egg into mixer. Beat until fluffy and light.

Then, add in cheese slices and flour. Mix well.
Put dough between grease paper and flatted it with rolling pin.

Cut into smaller pieces and arrange on baking tray.
Brush egg yolk over them, bake for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

p/s : I do add a little sugar in this recipe.

Tadahhhh … this is the out come !!
Cheese Biscuits
with lot’s of love
The taste was just little bit of saltiness and sweetness.
Just nice to eat, Not sweet.
it’s very suitable for eldest people with diabetes ,
like my Father-in-law, yes, Jeremy’s “ah Pah”.

If you are first time and wanna to try out any Biscuits/cookies, like me
This was the RIGHT recipe.
another great news,
Try out this recipe or any other recipes from Delicious Asian Food.
And you stand a chance to win USD100. Hop over HERE.

No harm trying , even you cant win , but the experience and the knowledge you gain from the recipe is worth it !! But win will be a great BONUS and great encourage.

Last, this was also my First Time taking part contest in Baking/cooking tru blogging.

That why your support is needed >**<


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