Jeremy found his "special Friend"

We always hang out at Alamanda for shopping or “jalan-jalan”
Cos it’s near to our house, instead of us to travel to KL and PJ.
(yah, so long never been to 1U, Ikea, The curve…..)

Last Saturday, was a raining day .
We was actually planned to go to MAHA for a visit.
BUT.. too bad, very heavy rain , so we drive straight to Alamanda.
After having our lunch, we had a cooling walk around the fountain area,
after the rain, it’s was cooling and nice.

See, Jeremy cant wait to play with the water near the fountain.

Later we walk to the toys department.
& Jeremy was happily found his friend
Yah , Barney !!!
He was happy trying to hug and carry his friend,
He refuse to return back.
At last we have to show him others toys & daddy have to quickly hide the Barney.
It’s was quite expensive for this big Barney.. ard RM129++
other wise mummy will buy it .
Jeremy still love his Barney show (CD) and Mickey Mouse Club.
Even i introduce him to DORA and Pingu, But He still love Barney.


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