Jeremy @ 22 mths and Busy Weekend

Jeremy 22 months development , here some update .

Weight : Nearly 12 kg
Height : Dunno ( Much taller)
Teething : Lost count , cos he dun allow me to see.
Diet : Nanny place will mostly eat porridge, at night we will give him rice , soup or mee.
Milk : Increase milk intake , up to 20 Oz a day

Language development :
Can count 1 to 10 very clearly . Still cant recognize any words. Just know “1” – one.

Can say a few words in Mandarin : 下雨 ( Raining), 飞机 ( Airplane), 面包 ( Bread) , 熊 (Bear), 哭 ( Cry) , 鸟 ( Bird), Chi-Khang ( Spoon in Cantonese) , 美美 ( Beautiful) 痛 痛 ( Pain) . 痒痒 (Itchy) , 蚂蚁 (Ant) ….. etc etc (cant recall)

Overall his language development was improve every months, can say words with 3 sound like “ umbrella” “ helicopter” “ bicycle” & started to say simple sentence like “ I want nana (banana or anything), but it’s seem his language abit mix up (rojak) with few language like Mandarin, English, Cantonese and hakka…. Cos the while family also “bahasa rojak” …

Can sing this song :
Habeh day ( Happy Birthday) to u ,
Habeh day ( Happy Birthday) to u,
Habeh day ( Happy Birthday) to jemimy ( Jeremy),
Habeh day ( Happy Birthday) to uuuuu.. ( then start to blow and blow with sound )

Can’t pronounce his name, either he say “ jemymy” , “Mimimy” or “Jay” . His full name was Jeremy Chang Ee Jay . Properly we will teach him to pronounce Jay or Jeremy . Seem like “re” is difficult for him to pronounce ( same like mummy , mummy also cannot pronounce “R”)

What he does :
@ Love playing with water very very much @ Love pictures book, practicing bed time reading . @ Love to eat mee, mihun , pan mee, everything with mee. But if ask to eat rice , it’s take longer time to feed him rice @ Still love his chit-chit (pacifier) if we give him . Nanny properly still giving him, that why still not 100% off. He easily fall sleep when having Chit-chit, other wise will take up to 40 minute to 1 hour long for him to fall sleep. Sometime I have to give in, cos I was too tired too .@ Very Hot temper. Anything didn’t come his way, he will just hit and shout .@ Love to wear nice nice and go kai kai @ Like to put lotion on his body and face … learn from mummy la…


OK, now mummy turn … 🙂 , it was a busy and tiring Saturday and Sunday for me.

It’s was a last minutes decision that i have to take part in Ping Pong Games.
The person who playing “missing in action”.
Well, i haven play Ping Pong for ages.
So i Lost (Kalah teruk, nampak jer bergaya, tapi tak erti main pun…. hihihi).
Those are my office mate, yah mostly Malay .

If u read her blog, then u will know her – miaoy
a blogger and also my old friend. We meet up for a while,
yah, really a short while only , i guess less then 30 minutes.. 🙂
at mid velly- The Garden . Cos Jeremy started “no patient” and wanna to go 😦
( if u had a young kids like mine, u will know what i means… )
But really glad to meet up, we actually had alot to chat,
but duno where to start . so we chat here abit , chat there abit…
hahahah… right ?? miaoy
& thank you too

Jeremy “ah-pah” (grandpa)
We also bring along my PIL to The Garden for a short window shopping.
We reach there around 12:45pm and we leave ard 3pm.
see, how fast we go back home.
cos i realize we spend more time “catching Jeremy” rather
then having a good shopping.
Tiring … so after lunch, we balik …


13 Responses to “Jeremy @ 22 mths and Busy Weekend”

  1. Sasha Says:

    its hard to keep track of them edi. It’s like everyday there’s something new. And ah pah is so stylo can pose for u some more. haha

  2. andrewjune Says:

    wah didnt know you can play ping pong…anyway, i can never play ping pong..the game is too fast!

    so nice of you & miaoy to meet up…even for a short while…where are william and simon lah?

    wah jeremy in the last photo holding a balloon so cute lah…

  3. vickylow Says:

    haha apply lotion, because to keep away from him. Else he will apply and become like 白马王子 LOL

  4. little prince's mummy Says:

    So clever, can sing the whole birthday song 🙂

  5. wen Says:

    olympic champion to be?

  6. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    Anggie, u really lead a very healthy life la…

  7. slavemom Says:

    Jeremy’s speech development is going vy well. Can recite from 1-10, say 3-syllable words, make sentences n sing 1 whole song. Well done, Jeremy!
    Same here, I don’t really enjoy going shopping these days coz vy tired running after the lil boy.

  8. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Nice pose! hehehe… walaupun tak erti main tapi ada gaya pun jadilah…

    A fruitful weekend is the best, rite?

  9. Hapi Says:

    Gain up to 600 visitors in a day for just one message here.

  10. sting Says:

    I like his chinese name too… soon he’ll get the chance to sing that birthday song 🙂

  11. Ita Says:

    Looks like a busy and tiring weekend especially when you are with your son.

  12. Miaoy Says:

    aiyo…why i looks like an Indon maid standing beside u all??? sad..

    ya..we definitely have lots and lots of things to talk abt…
    but those kids…
    luckily Ning s sleeping, else it will b worst..haha

  13. LindaLow Says:

    so cute of him:) Anyone tell u your lil boy looks like you:) He is quite fast for a boy in his speech..Brandon only know mimi and didi when he is 20mths old.

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