Fear In Waiting

Have u ever experience “Fear In Waiting” , maybe waiting for a result, waiting for someone, waiting for a news, especially waiting for something bad . The period of waiting was actually very torture and miserable. I was having a long wait over the past weekend, everyday seem very long for me . The wait make me worry and down . I m waiting for my blood test report which i took last Thursday . I have this lymp node behind my ear and below my ear, total i have 3 lymp node . It’s very small, but u can feel it . So i make my a decision and go for a body blood test and few Cancer test especially Nose Cancer . Recently i had a friend which diagnose with Nose Cancer, he told me , there’s no symptom at all, it just a lump below the ear and at the neck , after i recall this, it make me even more worry and scared to wait for the result .

Ok, I got my blood result yesterday, Everything was GOOD and FINE . phew ….. now i able to sleep well . But the lymp node still there, doctor said wait for few weeks and see. If getting bigger and hurt, will have to go for specialize for further check up … is actually worry me too. Hopefully it’s disappear and gone after few days or week ….. !!

Another “Fear In Waiting” was happen to me last 2 years, That time i was pregnant around 8-9 weeks (i guess) , I go for a check up cos i having this lil bleeding . Doctor found out and said the baby was not growing . Ask me go back and wait for a week . Come back for another detail check up to confirm the baby was not growing. One Week ???? One week of waiting was like One year for me … everyday was worrying and torture and at last i was told i was miscarriage . That was the sadness new for me ever .

I just hate this kind of fear waiting… Wait Wait Wait …. crazy …. especially something to do with our health, life , it’s really scary .


9 Responses to “Fear In Waiting”

  1. wen Says:

    yaya, i hate waiting for such thing. i have about 4 small lumps below my ear on my neck and its has been there for many years already. been wanting to go for test to find out what are those. it doesnt grow and hurt at all, but still i am worried.

  2. vickylow Says:

    Ya I hate that, waiting for good or bad news. The waiting moment we can think a lot. Glad you are okay.

  3. Sasha Says:

    i hate waiting too…esp for the down syndrome test for this baby..

  4. slavemom Says:

    It must hv been a real torture waiting for the results. Glad that everything’s ok n hope the lumps will subside by itself.

  5. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    just like waiting for result during examination when we were young?

    And guess what, I just found out my twins are safe from serious tyroid problem this morning (after a long wait!)

    Anyway, I wish u all the best. Don’t worry, you will be fine.

  6. sue Says:

    The waiting is teruk hoh, luckily your result came back clear…

  7. andrewjune Says:

    well thank GOD you’re okay and it’s nothing serious…
    i know this kind of feeling…esp concerning health issues…
    pls do take a BIG break from your work if you are stressed out ok…

  8. LindaLow Says:

    glad things are fine for you. You probably worry too much..but is always good to check early…take care:)

  9. jacss Says:

    so sorry to read yr recent predicament….can imagine how torturous it was!! esp. when it has to do with health & u still hv a young boy to care for….
    but thank god it's all well now!!

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