Activities for Jeremy

This lil boy of mine can be very tedious to handle like what i wrote on my previous post… Thanks to the comments that some of the mummies had given me. Hope he outgrow the habit soon.
Well he can be lil helper too like the scrapbook as shown, Jeremy love playing with water and help daddy watering the plants by using this long pipe. Usually he end up all wet and enjoy playing with water … Nowaday weather was hot and dry, so i allow him to play with the water with us monitoring him . Sometime he can play up to 30 minute or more with this long pipe . hehehe . Seem we hardly bring him out to beach or playground due to mouth and hand disease and a lot of mosquito . I will create some activities for him at the car pouch like watering the plants, give him some small pile , scope and stone … pretend he was playing at the sand beach la … hehehe. Playing with the bubble guns ….& all this activities can really keep him busy and happy , rather then watching too much Barney . Reading was one of the habit too , but usually we had it before bed time . Boy will be boy, sometime they can’t seat long on activities like colouring and reading book . Must find some activities to keep them busy and move only they won feel bored… 🙂 Plan to get him a small bike soon .

See how my lil boss watching his Barney ??

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