How can I stop him from hitting ??

We have this problem with Jeremy boy…I’ve been told it’s a phase. But sometime I see it as unexceptionable acting. And I have found that slapping his hands back doesn’t work, it just makes him do it more. Even we try to slow talk with him also doesn’t work , he even try to hit me when i slow talk to him . Anyone he can hit and make him shout like mad when things didn’t come his way ..

1st Example:
One day I bought him a toy. But before he can have it , we need to pay for it , once I hand over the toys to the cashier, he shout at the cashier and wanna to hit the cashier, of cos he cant reach the cashier.

2nd example :
I was waiting for my in law at the fitting room, at the mean time Jeremy was playing in another fitting room, when some one wanna used the fitting room, he shout and try to hit the person too ….

3rd example :
We were buying an Mickey mouse cloth to make a curtain for his own room in future , but when the girl try to take the cloth and cut , he again shout and try to hit the girl.

Manymore example . Sometime I get very SAD and MAD to see my boy behave this way, it’s hurt when I see him hitting people which love him so much . We try many way, but doesn’t work . Till we have to put him to the “noti-corner” till he calm down and behave good… But it doesn’t work much . After saying “sorry” …. After few minute he forget and hit again. How to stop ??? I worry in future when I have to send him to childcare , he will hit people , hit others kids… end up being hit ….:( worry worry …

My son simply doesn’t care. Has anyone had a child grow out of this phase? How long it’s take ?? How to handle ??? I wandering he learn from someone ??

“Dear bb, Mummy & Daddy don’t like to punish u , we don’t like to make
u stand at the corner and let u cry . But u were behave bad lately by hitting people
around you, people u know or u don’t know. Mummy very sad to see u
behave such a way. Hope it was just a phase and u be growing up as a good and
obedient lovely boy. We love u so much.”


One Response to “How can I stop him from hitting ??”

  1. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks all mummies for the comments, will take note on this matters.

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