My 1st CUPCake .

Ya … those are my very 1st Cupcake.
I was planning to bake cupcake for long time, ever since i know cupcake was
very popular now for any occasion.
Just that i don’t have the cupcake equipment & i don’t even have an Oven .
i only have an “Ovenette” . It’s was an attic “Ovenette” .I used it to bake cake
many many years ago when i stay with my granny .
So, i thot to give it a try by using this attic “Ovenette”. Used what ever

equipment i have to come out with the Cupcake.
and tadah ……. is work !!
I cant say the Cupcake was very delicious. Of cos i cant say
the icing deco was very nice , anyhow it was my very 1st Cupcake.
and i m happy with the result & was having fun “playing” with the deco.

I was wandering …. izit possible to bake Cupcake for my son
coming birthday this October ??? hehehe… maybe i need more practice and
more baking within this 2 months to come out a better Cupcake to serve more people
…. hahaha.
” yes, i think i can “

” yes, i think i need a bigger Oven too”
( Dear Hubby, can u hear me ??? u read my blog???)

Recently i have inspiration and mood to cook or play “masak masak” .
Maybe too much influent by those mummies blog who good at cooking.
So, i decided to give a try on Curry Chicken + Roti Jala.
hmmmm…. hubby said the curry was delicious but the roti jala was abit too thick

and not “jala” enuf …. This also have to practice many time to get to do a nice roti jala.


13 Responses to “My 1st CUPCake .”

  1. vickylow Says:

    Very nice Anggie, remember practice make perfect you can do it. The deco really need hard time to practice. The most simple one is making Spiral shape and deco with some small mash-marrow (in many nice shapes and colours too).

  2. wen Says:

    very good for first try liao. ya, an oven wld be better and i am still thinking of the same as u for my daughter’s birthday ..hehe

  3. Wonderful Life Says:

    Wow… the outcome is nice for the first attempt! Nevermind, practice makes perfect…

    You’re way much better than me. I always dreamed of baking but in the end never happens as I don’t have the baking tools and need to buy alot for a start. 😛

  4. Ita Says:

    Hey…Not bad at all. At least you have tried. I don’t dare to go near the oven. By the way, any recipe for the cup cake?

  5. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    Congrats Anggie… finally you have the inspiration of bake and cook! Keep up the good job! 🙂

  6. andrewjune Says:

    wah wah wah…now all mummies are "into" the kitchen liao 🙂
    yeah i am also learning to cook and a lot of trial & error…but like you said "yes i think i can"…there's nothing in this world that can stop us if we hv the desire!

    congrats on such beautiful creative first cupcakes…yeah should bake for jeremy's bday this oct…:-)

    and those roti jala & curry chicken looks good too!

  7. slavemom Says:

    A vy good 1st try! If u want to make cupcakes for Jeremy’s b’day, after a few tries, I’m sure it’ll turn out vy nice n pretty.
    I like to eat roti jala. Yummy yum yum! The ingredients ez to get or not?

  8. sue Says:

    Those looks nice leh, and the roti jala… is it difficult to make?

  9. Miaoy Says:

    wa…roti jala…cup cake..geng…
    the cake, i dun dare to try,
    will need to invest a lot on the tools and powder…
    roti jala, interested, i like it very much, can share the recipe??

  10. Anggie's Journal Says:

    Thanks for the credit, i will blog abt the recipe later ya …

  11. jazzmint Says:

    wow looks nice leh. u also got talent in cooking 😉

  12. little prince Says:

    wah~~ u so geng~~ can cook so many food 🙂

  13. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Very nice cupcakes Anggie!

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