My house recently came a lil rescue !!!
neh ….
Little Zorro
( he more on lil destroyer rather then lil rescue …. hahahah)

8 Responses to “lil ZORRO”

  1. khongfamily Says:

    LOL! So cute!

  2. sue Says:

    haha… you painted the mask for him or he wore it?

  3. wen Says:

    haha, chi mou chi yong!

  4. slavemom Says:

    Boys with cape = Zorro. Girls with cape = lil red riding hood. 😀
    What’s the cute lil boy holding as a sword?

  5. vickylow Says:

    LOL so funny and cute Mr. Zorro

  6. andrewjune Says:

    ayo why this boy boy suddenly wants to be a zorro? hahaha…
    so cute lah 🙂

  7. sting Says:

    oohhh… bet lots of lil girls out there are getting very excited over this new hero 🙂

  8. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    This is cute! hehehehehe………

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