Lazier VS Inspiration

I’m getting lazier and lazier to blog lately. Out of Topic to blog and write.
Cant design any nice scrapbook, due to the CS3 not working well in my PC.

I’ve been living my days so dully. Monday to Friday to work and that’s it.


Lately i found my inspiration 灵感 doing this ( as below),
100% handmade.
I made this when i was bored and stress with my 8am to 5pm job .
( of cos i do it at home , not in the office)
I made this for fun and keep my brain thinking, design & working . hehehe
i like making things. Anything which inspire me.
Silly felt things with personalities@love & with my “silly” inspiration.

I felt great & stress free when i made / design thing, anything will do…..
I’m planning to sell it . Anyone interested?
Feel free to drop me an email :

V R Best-fren
2 way frames ( one side photo & one side hair clip)
*hair clip not included*
Rose Garden
One side photoframe
2 way small photoframes with pink & blue crabbies.

16 Responses to “Lazier VS Inspiration”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Look nice! U r very creative!

  2. Bits of Life 'n' Taste Says:

    wa… nice handy craft… you really have time to do these? really “tapik”. You are indeed creative!

  3. slavemom Says:

    Wow! They r all so lovely! U shld consider selling them online or put in a shop as consignment.

  4. Miaoy Says:


  5. andrewjune Says:

    miaoy said "hen ker ai" hehehe…yeah i also think they are really adorable & cute…really takes up a long time to make such nice handcrafts and also it's a tedious job! wah after working, you still do handcraft and also take care of jeremy…how you find the time? and do take care of yourself cos you hv backache ok…dont stress yourself too much yeah…

    you've been creative lah, always was…

    i hope you hv GREAT responses!


  6. vickylow Says:

    very cute and nice

  7. LindaLow Says:

    Nice hand work! Very pretty! I can never do such things.. I’m not a creative person haa..haa

  8. Creative B Bee Says:

    I’m 1st visit here! You are a creative mommy too!

  9. wen Says:

    u very creative la, and get to find the time to do these!

  10. sue Says:

    Very creative 😀 I used to like crafty stuff back in secondary school, now hardly got so much free time for it 😛

  11. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    anggie, you so creative!!

  12. JO-N Says:

    Very nicely done, Anggie. Ya, I think they would sell well. All the best to you.

  13. Jacss Says:

    hey, this is even more ‘tough’ than blogging lar but for sure it’s more fun seeing the outcome which is so lovely!! no wonder u switch yr interest now…!!

  14. ezekielys Says:

    Hi Angie, Grace here..I am amazed by your art craft thinging..and besides you r a super mum..I don’t even do a good job at the blog..sob sob
    By the way, how’s ur back, getting better? My mum says need frequent accupuncture, it will help. Take care

  15. Miaoy Says:

    where to place order ah??
    i want the crabbie..
    preferable pink crab

  16. jazzmint Says:

    whoa…very nice lehh…

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