@ 21 months

Jeremy @ 21 months old?? oh yes…
His growing day by day … oh boy.
& Mummy is getting older …. oh dear.
Till i’m forgot to jot down his growing stage & developmental.

I m actually busy with work and some others things since i back from Syria.
Beside that, ever since i install this original PS Photoshop CS3,
my PC cant really cope & not stable .
Look at the scrapbook !! Is actually halfway done without Text,
cos i cant seem to write any text, my whole PC cant even move when i try to insert text !!
But i just don’t wan to give away this ori CS3 to others, aarrrgggghhh
i want to learn the new features , how ?

i have to figure out later to make it work for my PC …. hehehe

Last, Happy 21 months old to my dear boy.
Mummy just want u to be happy always like your smile,
be strong & healthy all the times.


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