Syria trip – July

About my trip to Damascus, Syria this time…..

I guess some of the blogger waiting for my photos and post about my Syria trip … Sad to say, I don’t enjoy this trip compare to my previous trips. Mainly is becos most of my time was tight up with many meetings and site visit. Stand by for call for meeting. So don’t dare to travel far , just go near by to street market . Well… it’s a working trip, so nothing much i can do and complain, right ?? hahaha.

Apart from that, I was not feeling well too , i got stomachache for 4 to 5 days while i was in Syria & It’s was very hot too, every time I back from Site, I got headache . So I rather stay in the hotel . At night, we will walk to the street market , but it was so windy and dusty, until my eye cant open too . Hmmm…. i miss the winter time in Syria . So i m not planning to go Syria for this coming 6 months.

But i really like the Cham Palace Hotel here, i can feel the Syrian & Arabic style , The courtyard at the centre of the hotel was great, it’s was nice to rest and seat just to enjoy a cup of coffee. Those wooden furniture was 100% handmade by local people, it’s was very very expensive .

What i have for this trip was just a few deco items for my house , all made from Syria & of cos 2 pairs of cloths for Jeremy which cost around RM140 . I only bought myself a hair clip and some cosmetic from the duty free airport. (no photo for this) . Well, i was thinking better to save the money and shopping at my own country, now kan merdeka sale ???? hahahah
This was the street market that we went for our shopping .

Those are the food i have while my stay in Syria, How la not to get fat ?? Most of the foods was western food – roast beef/ chicken, potato, mayo, cream and bread . I won be eating any beef for the time being …. *-*


10 Responses to “Syria trip – July”

  1. vickylow Says:

    You look slim and gorgeous.

  2. slavemom Says:

    Aiyo.. poor thing, got stomachache n headache. Must hv felt really terrible being so far away from home, n not feeling well.
    The food looks quite healthy mah.. i c a lot of green veges. 🙂

  3. andrewjune Says:

    ayo…i thk the food is not suitable for us…that;s why you got stomachache…the last time i ate arbic food, i got so bad stomachache!

    anyway, the hotel does looks nice!

  4. sue Says:

    The food looks tempting 😀 And the hotel looks really classy… bad timing to go to Syria for work, huh? I’m sure you come home and see your Jeremy’s smile edi fell 100% better lo 😀

  5. Leisha J Says:

    hey welcome home! 🙂

    i read ur not feeling too well, i hope u’ve recovered now that ur back in the arms of the 2 big boys! 😀

    well hey just want to say take care and rest loads ok? God bless you Anggie!

  6. LindaLow Says:

    Wow, u visits site? What is your profession?

  7. suesue Says:

    Wow so nice. Love the cup and saucer.

  8. jacss Says:

    i like d sets of cup & saucer!! yes, d hotel looked very arabic…

  9. jazzmint Says:

    wah like the set of saucer and cup :). wah really everyday eat western 😐

  10. Ita Says:

    Everything looks good there. Looks like Syria is your second home already.

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