The feeling …


I had this problem, everytime i go oversea for work …. not that i always go oversea and work … once in a while only … but the “missing” feeling getting stronger and stronger until i m back again to Malaysia . It’s seem i m not suitable to work for oversea projects … *-* It’s not that i go Syria for few months . This time i be back on the 10th July … 1 weeks plus . Unless cant finalize the projects, then might have to stay few more days . But it’s seem very very long for me to leave my one big man and one small lil man . I don’t like this kind of “missing” feeling, sometime i feel sorry to go so far away …especially the moment when i m at the airport waiting for check in . When the flight depart , my tears will like falling down …. mayb i m to “emo” …. *-* Mummies out there got like that ar ? got so “emotional” like me ar ?

Ok, flight tomorrow at 4:15am. Transit at Doha and I’ll arrive Damascus , Syria around 6pm local time . The time different was 7-8 hours. Yah, it’s seem i be working 24 hour for the first few days. This round i be staying in Cham Palace Hotel, it was a 5 Star Hotel … I m glad , at least i get a nice place to rest and work . The Hotel very near to the office ( Governorate’s Office) and it’s was right in the middle of the town . Easy access to restaurants, projects site and the shopping area too .I had check tru the weather at Damascus , the max was 45C daytime and the min was 16C at night. It’s seem like the temperature was quite different in the day time and night time. Means it’s easy to fall sick if our body cant cope with the big change. Abit worry . Cos day time we usually go for meeting and site visit , night time we usually had dinner with the officer , their dinner usually after 9pm. Hopefully i b fine and won fall sick . Other wise it’s will be very susah for me . Cos i m not going there for vacation de.. for working .
Ok , i got to stop for the time being , still have some work on hand …. heh…. wait for my updating post if i able to access internet there ya …. bye .

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