Here’s where i spend my 5th anniversary .
1st photo : hubby bought me a diamond earring… been longing for so long ,
Since my hubby hardly shopping, so i bought hubby a polo shirt ,
polo pants & also a G2000 shirt.
2nd photo : i like this toilet design la, that y i took the photo of it …hehehe ,
guess where the place ?
3rd & others : this is what i have yesterday …. oh,
we also watch movie too
We had a great time . Thanks for the lovely earring, lou kong …

While i was shoick shopping and makan , i received a phone call from my company
around 3pm saying that ” Anggie, u have to go Sxxxx this 28th and come back 10 July” .
My heart like sink down and no mood already.

Why so rush ? Why so long ? Why 2 weeks ? Why this Saturday ?
Why only 3 persons going ? AND Why the flights at 4:15AM ???
i left 3 days to pack now , to settle my work& to settle Jeremy too, to pack Jeremy cloths to my in law……etc etc
Is really kind of rush.

So many question yet HAVE to follow .

It’s was SUMMER , very very hot, the weather was around 38C to 46C,
not the right time to go, i will turn black once i m back to Malaysia
no more winter like thisYup, i m going back to Damascus ,SYRIA again.
Tell u what…
i will miss Jeremy very much &
i think he will longing for mummy too 😦

Lastime he still too young to miss and looking for me.

Now he will mummy mummy all the time ,so, how ar ???
What to do, work is work.
I m glad that my PIL and my hubby was very understanding
& able to take care Jeremy well. I m really glad.

Last, i don’t think i have time to blog after this post.
Not sure how tomorrow going to be also.
I know i m very busy, many proposal to be done , many drawings to be finish.
Take care everyone. See you all again after 10July.
Sorry not able to blog hopping to your blog and yet still received comments.



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