Lucky & Unlucky

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Let start with lucky and happy thing first …. K …. Me and my friends were going for this Lewre WHS at Subang Jaya few weeks back. The WHS started at 10am … we reach there around 9:50am … but I tell you the Q was long and so crowned already . When the gate open, everybody was rush to the counter and look for the cheapest shoes . The range started from the lowest price RM 10 to highest price was RM70 .People grap and buy the shoes like no one business …. Me and my friends was consider tall, but we can’t even reach and see the shoes . Everyone like pushing each other . This was our very first experience to such a WHS . I think we are not aggressive enough for this kind if WHS . Especially WHS for branded cloths, shoes and bags. But we are Happy and Lucky enough to get some of the shoes too. The cheapest I get was RM30 ( the 2 pink colour sandals ), the flower higheel was RM50, and the leather brown sandal was RM60 . Tell me, where can u buy Lewre shoes in such a price ??? Even I was not able to get those RM20 and RM10 Lewre shoes… Those shoes I bough here already make my day and I can wear it for the coming 2-3 years … hehhe… happy happy happy. People said, Lewre shoes more like aunty style . For me, I more concern on the quality, material and most important comfortable . I just love shoes, especially good quality shoes….

Ok… the unlucky & unhappy thing happen to me was ….. my poor car … there’s one evening , it was very heavy rain , lightning was very strong and loud too . But no one would expect lightning strake on the roof top and cos the roof tile fall on top of the cars. Well… 4 car was very unlucky . 3 car windscreen was broke another car side screen are broke too .. so I m one of the unlucky person. This happened at the carpark right beside my office. It’s was an old car, so we didn’t buy the insurance for the windscreen. So … pocket have to come out with RM550 for the windscreen 😦

Life always up and down … no one can tell …..

9 Responses to “Lucky & Unlucky”

  1. andrewjune Says:

    they said shopping makes a woman happy & stressed-free…so go for more shopping with great bargains!
    i love LEWRE shoes too, but without sales, they are very expensive, so if i were in KL i might be joining you to the WHS too 🙂 especially loved the high heels shoes with the flower design!

    as for your car, thank God you’re NOT in the car when it happened!

  2. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    I think we all who lives especially in Klang Valley shud be getting the windscreen insurance. Bad lightning always happen to my home too 😦

  3. jazzmint Says:

    wahhh….shopping spree :P…

    aiyo, lucky thing u were not in the car when that happened.

  4. Cat Cat Says:

    Looking at your shoes reminds me to go shoe shopping.. I haven’t bought any new shoes for a year now… Time to get a couple pairs…

    Aiyo, what are the chance to get lightning hit on the windshield… Got to go and get 4-ekor lah…

  5. vickylow Says:

    Still lucky out of unlucky as only windsreen damage no one get hurt.

  6. slavemom Says:

    I’ve nvr been to WHS b4. Dun think I can grab anything super cheap if I’m there. Too slow n not aggressive enuff. hahaha
    Eh, call me ignorant but I thot when u buy ins for the car, everything’s covered, dun care windshield or bumper. Now gotta chk if my windshield’s covered or not. Luckily no one was hurt.

  7. sue Says:

    Wah, really quite cheap wo :S But so teruk abt your car…

  8. mybabybay Says:

    Actually you can buy insurance over windscreen but I guess this is caused by natural disaster…no claim also.

  9. chanelwong Says:

    aiyo…about the windscreen..

    but glad you enjoy the shopping…I wear Lewre office shoe ..1 pair can last me for many years..

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