Jeremy 20 Months & his 1st time …..

Jeremy at his 20 Months
I’m getting lazy and forget to jot down Jeremy development lately . As far as I know :
  • He can understand “naughty corner” now . But we parents must be very firm & strong to ask him to stand and don’t move, even he’s crying . I do that when i cant stand his noti behavior . Sometime he can drive me “crazy” *-*
  • Mix language he is learning. Including English, mandarin, hakka and hokien. Show improving on his language development.
  • He had an aggressive behavior like hitting, pushing and biting people. I hope this is just a process of his milestone. Cos he even hit me, daddy or people who love him …. Which I think is very bad habit even we try to calm and slow talk to him.
  • Kind of strong attachments to me .
  • Jeremy used to be very friendly to anyone , but lately he will show which people he will follow and don’t like. If he not close to the person, he won even let the person to touch him and show his unwilling faces .
  • He starting to play and touch his genitals. Another thing happen lately was, he sometime will squat down to pass his ‘shi shi” (urine) . I think he watch how the jie jie “shi shi”. ( nanny also taking care another 2 years old girl)
  • Weaning off his pacifier at night and also day time. Unless he was very “lou kai” and cry none stop. But I could say 80% successful.

Another milestone I like to share with u all was this : –

Jeremy very 1st movie ” KUNG FU PANDA”

Before I bring Jeremy for Movie , I have no confidence at all . I was abit worry that Jeremy will make noise , u know, he is such a active and playful boy. He had short attention too …. I even prepared and stand by things like raisin, koko krunch, bread, pacifier, water and even buying a pop corn just in case he’s not patient to seat for long.

Before the movie, he was afraid to go near to the Panda big poster .. Tell us his scared !! Me and hubby started to worry already ….

We bought a couple seat, so he can seat comfy at the chair and in between us . The location of the seat was right at the end of the corner, so easy for me to get out in case Jeremy wanna to get down and walk. Maybe we’re worry too much .

BUT, we was really glad and amazed with Jeremy… YES, he made it, he was seating and behave very good from the beginning till the end of the movie with the pop corn on his legs. He not even eat the pop corn, he just wanna to hold it and he was behave quiet and concentrated watching the movie . He didn’t laugh as this was a comedy cartoon movie. He just watch it very quietly . So i not sure he understand or not .

When we reach parent’s in law house, everyone was asking …. How? Can ar? He got make noise ? I guess everyone was curious ….. hahaha….We proudly answer them that Jeremy behave very good from the beginning till the end of the movie, His such a big and good boy now .

Good news, we can have more movie such as cartoon animation in future … 🙂 Can’t wait to watch Ice Age 3 In year 2009 … hooohooo….


13 Responses to “Jeremy 20 Months & his 1st time …..”

  1. chanelwong Says:

    i stop recording milestone long long time ago hi hi

    he must have enjoy the show a lot…

  2. Annie Q Says:

    Wow!! Everyone is blogging on Kung Fu Panda. 😦 I so want to bring my sons to try out their first! 🙂

  3. Sharon Says:

    Hey there… name is Sharon and
    i love the way u layout the pictures…may i know where you download the scrapbook templates? ( i don’t know what you call those)

  4. Sasha Says:

    wow! bravo jeremy!

  5. jazzmint Says:

    bravo bravo…he survivved the 1st movie ;). I think everyone loves the show, very nice hoh.

  6. bits of life Says:

    Bravo Jeremy! He is such a grown up now, isn’t he? Kungfu Panda is a very nice movie, we love it but I still haven’t bring Sean to cinema yet. I guess you know the feeling. So worried he will disturb others during the show. But, surely will bring him one day! Wish me luck too!

  7. Cat Cat Says:

    Ah, good boy you have there. My youngest will sit for the 1/2 half of the movie then lost interest on the second 1/2…

  8. andrewjune Says:

    i know how you & william must hv felt when bring jeremy to the theatre…lately rachael also been shouting a lot too hahaha…and sometimes we are afraid if she might disturbs other ppl’s peace hahaha…
    anyway, it was a great FIRST’s experience for him rite…
    *good boy jeremy!*

  9. vickylow Says:

    Ya punish my girl standing at “naughty corner” too. But everytime she will cried badly haha.

  10. kiasumum Says:

    i’ve yet to try to bring sidney to cinema, i know she will cry out loud when light goes off and the speaker turn on wif very loud sound. really need to try to bring her this time to watch kung fu panda

  11. Yatie_T Says:

    that was a great news. It is not easy for a kid to be quite for the whole movie. Well done and good job, Jeremy.
    Happy belated Father’s day for your hubby and congrat for winning the contest. You guys did a great job. Enjoy the wonderful moment.

  12. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    Anggie, qiqi also learn to stand up to wee wee just like a boy 😦

  13. slavemom Says:

    My boy’s vy aggresive too. He’ll use his head to knock ppl. Pengsan or not?
    Looks like this Panda movie is a big hit with 1st timers. U’re the 3rd blogger edi (that I’ve read). Wonderful experience yeah… more movies outing then. 😉 Well done, Jeremy!

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