" ant killer"

Recently my house got a small “ant killer” … Every time he saw ants on the floor …
he will shout
“ant oh, ant oh” then he will start to “piak piak piak ” until the ants dead .
Lucky is not those red big ants .
who else ??
Jeremy actually afraid of bugs/insect but he not afraid of small ants,
that’s why he dare to kill the ants and even try to catch the ants .
Sometime i must watch him carefully ,
other wise he will pick up the ants or any other small bugs on the floor .
Mummy just worry that he will put inside the mouth or being bite by the bugs *-*

15 Responses to “" ant killer"”

  1. sting Says:

    you know what.. I’m a really great fan of your scrapbooks (do you call it that?) it’s so pretty and cuteee! which program do you use? photoshop?

    and oh, btw, can I sometimes borrow your ant killer ha? 🙂

  2. mybabybay Says:

    Mine see ends they will should for mummy. Sigh.

  3. andrewjune Says:

    must be careful of lil jeremy when he “killed” the ants LOL
    make sure he doesnt put them in his mouth yeah 🙂
    lil jeremy looks more like william now leh…

  4. jazzmint Says:

    oo..that LO is sooo cute!!!

    kill ants ok lah..but make sure it’s not the red ants..if kena bite vy pain 😦

  5. Shern's mom Says:

    Shern also love to do that when he was much younger. But now he has outgrown the phase.

    And the amazing thing is little kids can spot ants better than we adults, right?

  6. Everyday Healy Says:

    One tag for you. Have a look, may be you will like to join the fun.

    Elizabeth likes to play with ants, mosquitoes, and spiders. She loves spiders the most! Thanks to the song “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. hahaha…

    And, just like Jeremy. She killed them all as she spot them. 😦

  7. wen Says:

    piak! LOL! as long as he doesnt eat it..

  8. HI Says:

    Hehe….too cute.

  9. Finay Says:

    Elow sis… it’s my first time here and it’s nice meeting you.

    About the ants, yeah, it is best if you watch Jeremy because ants’ bite are not good for the skin as they sometimes leave scars – also it is painful.

  10. Cat Cat Says:

    My girls never really cared about ants… They were a big NO NO of spiders… Nampak aje spider, terus cabut… Hehe.

  11. vickylow Says:

    Make sure you wash his hands after that. Some small black smelly ants do bite too.

  12. milkmaid Says:

    Har har har – my boy does exactly the same. He will stomp on the floor until the ant is squashed to nothing !!

  13. slavemom Says:

    Both my kids get vy excited when they spot insects on the floor. XY’ll get a container to capture it n didi will get a tissue paper to catch it.

  14. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    alamak….ant pain-pain ler…..Jeremy kor-kor…

  15. Miaoy Says:

    my house also have one ant killer,
    who else??? hong hong loh…
    enn ning s yet to join him..

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