My Very First Encyclopedia

I love to give Jeremy reference books with lots of pictures that help him learn and enjoy the learning process . Sometime is not easy to choose a reference books for kids ( in different ages) ,We not sure which books they like and easy for them to learn . Anyway, Jeremy’s favorite books is an Encyclopedia of the Animals,Earth & Nature from Walt Disney World. This is a big book and it’s packed with full-color pictures of everything in nature from animals to trees and so much more in between. Jeremy love looking at the pictures and naming the animals. This is how he learn most of the animals and nature . We talk to him about the pictures and as a result, He has learned so much about it with very little effort.

Shy (pai-seh) to say, me as a mummy also learn from this 3 books.. I myself learn some knowledge too while i was teaching Jeremy . When i was kids, my parents cant effort to buy Encyclopedia books for me . So, it’s also mummy Very First Encyclopedia too … LOL

If you don’t have any idea what books to give your children with pictures to look at, give it a try. You’ll be amazed at what they’ll learn. I bought this 3 book, few months ago . It cost me RM115 for 3 books, if u buy one book will cost around RM45. At first daddy was thinking so many time whether to buy or not . At last daddy bought this and i can say is worth it !! Among this 3 books, Jeremy enjoy most was the My Very First Encyclopedia for Animals . That’s is why he learn fast about the animals, but not quite about the natural and earth . I guess still too young for him to enjoy and learn about the nature and earth 🙂 But on and off i will read and show him this 2 books. Overall those books are great . It’s a fantastic book.


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