Family Time @ "Dadi" Birthday

Family Time
It’s was a busy and wonderful weekend for us .
Satuday :
It’s also Daddy Birthday on the 17th May , Saturday .
Ever Since Daddy was very busy with work and study , He hardly had time for himself. Sometime i have to ask for his schedule and “curi” some of his time, so he can have some break and spends sometime with me and Jeremy . For this Birthday, i decided to have a Birthday “pot lak” & invite my PIL and SIL to come over to our house to have some “makan-makan” , No Birthday Cake, But we had many different flavour of Donuts as a Birthday Cake . Beside that, i cooked for the whole family, my main dishes was “Asam Laksa” .Even this was my first time cooking “Asam Laksa” for the whole family , the result come out quite GOOD, my hubby give me “full mark” heheheh . I was so happy and satisfied, at least i see everybody was so enjoy with the “Asam Laksa” i cooked. (“wink- wink”) . I also prepared Dragon fruit & Lychee Jelly, Mushroom soup + garlic tuna bread and Hot dog + salad .
Last , Happy Birthday to Daddy !! We Love You Very Much .
( so busy with the preparation & entertain, not able to capture much photo, daddy also dun like to take photo too )

We are invited to a friend baby full moon at Puchong . It’s was a cute lil boy na
me Joshua .

Monday :
First , Happy Belated Wesak Day to u all . We spend our day at Alamanda & of cos we never miss the indoor playground, every kids love playground, So do Jeremy .

Easy way to cook Assam Laksa

The ingredients for the ground spices are ready make , Even is ready make, i adjust the taste by adding more “asam keping” & Red cilies to make it more sour and spicy .
For the fish, i used canned mackerel . For other side ingredients, I bought pineapple, cucumber, onion, red chilies, limau kasturi and laksa noodles, . The other important ingredient is the prawn paste which put a teaspoon into the bowl before savouring the Asam Laksa.
And I must say this premix was quite close to 75 %. At least the aroma is there but the taste is still abit far from authentic “asam laksa” , can be still improve.


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