Jeremy @ 19th Months Old.

Many faces of Jeremy ,
He can be so loving, cheeky & happy like an angle.
He can be curious and excited like a “wild animal”
He can be naughty and unreasonable like a “monster”
But he forever mummy sweet heart !!

Jeremy turn 19 months tomorrow … 5 more months he will be at his Terrible 2, well, he is already started he terrible 2 long time ago… *sign* .Nothing much I jot down for this month . Everything seem growing and improving for him . But what I realize was :

  • This young lil boy doesn’t really understand rules . Example “naughty corner” , He won go and stand at the “naughty corner” when asked , he will run to me , cried and even huged my leg. I not sure he don’t want to obey or he doesn’t understand what we trying to say .I think we need to explain the rules repeatedly and redirect to the child often, till they understand .
  • I probably still understanding less than half of what Jeremy says, He’s getting a handle on most of the words i use around him. Slowly he’s show some vocabulary spurt and putting together pairs of words, like “Lets go” . He been catching up and improving many words he learn . Started to say words come with 3 sound like : Bicycle , Banana . Those learning CD and Flash card was useful on helping his language development.
  • He know how to different between slow song and faster song by dance and moving his body . “ really funny” love that, can made everybody laugh !!
  • As I observed, He learned much by imitation and is interested in doing many of the things he sees us doing. Example : He will take lotion or powder and try to put and pat all over his body ( cos mummy always do that) ., He will take the phone & dial then talk talk talk , 2 things he always say tru the phone was “helo” & “bye-Bye” … Another good example he follow us , was brushing teeth . That’s means he willing to brush his teeth without us forcing him . But he won lets us brush for him .
  • Another thing I started to worry was, he started to be abit choosy on what he eat and what we try to introduce him. He used to eat what ever we give but now he will show us what he like and dun like about the food.
  • His favorite words was “ Mai-ya” (don’t want) , everything also “mai-ya” .. Sometime want people to “tham” and slow talk to him only he want .

( the rest was almost same as 18 months development )


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