Please BEWARE .

This a warning post .

BUT , I feel like writing this post, share/remind many parents out there or even myself about this incident that happen to one of my close friend ‘s son which age 5. It’s happened last 2 weeks at one of the well known shopping complex. .It’s not the place we go, cos this can be happen anywhere, as long the place had ESCALATOR . We often heard about kids legs stuck at the Escalator . But this was abit different, not at the legs.

Do not read further if you do not dare to look at the picture.
My heart almost fall off when I saw this pictures . It’s was so scary and so heartache .









His hand was stuck at the Escalator
How can a lil boy handle such a pain 😦
(the small photo is actually the scariest one, i just cant show it too clear)

According to my friend, her son skins actually was gotten inside the escalator, they were lucky cos managed to pulled his skin out , other wise … I think the hand was gone …. It’s was really bad the skin was almost fall off and even see the bone . It’s happen so sudden and very fast like few second , This happen cos the son was sitting at the escalator.

Last please beware and take good care to our lil toddlers, Sometime they are too curious , too excited , too happy while they able to go shopping . They don’t realize what is dangerous to them . They don’t know what will harm them . When bad thing happen like this, we cant blame anyone . No body want this to be happen !! BUT we can prevent it !! Maybe you can share with me, how to prevent this to be happen ??? How normally u do to remind your kids ?

poor boy ….
Last, let pray and hope this lil boy had a speedy recover.

( Doctor said in future he might not able to carry heavy thing, he actually
hurt one of the finger’s nerve as well )

16 Responses to “Please BEWARE .”

  1. vickylow Says:

    OMG my heart sank when saw the photos. Poor little boy, wish him speedy recovery.

  2. Hazel Says:

    OMG, so scary, must be very pain one ohh

  3. slavemom Says:

    Gosh! That poor boy. N we’d nvr expect such accidents to happen to a 5yo. Thot they’d be more careful edi. This is really a wake up call. Must be extra extra careful when the kids r on the escalators/lifts.
    And I cannot even imagine the pain. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

  4. sting Says:

    oh dear… poor boy.. my heart goes to him.. really hope his hand recovers soon…

  5. wen Says:

    i showed pic to my kids and warn them. i always tell thme abt it when we were at the escalator.
    at least doc managed to save the hand.

    must be very painful..

  6. Lena Says:

    i mesti beware,i will pull my kids to the inner side .

  7. giddy tigress Says:

    Can you tell me exactly how it happened? He was sitting and then…?
    Really scary pictures these/…..

  8. Anggie's journel Says:

    Dear all mummies here,
    Sorry, i m not trying to scared you all here by those photo, i know is very scary, but i just want to share .

    This lil boy, according to her mum, she was fine now, now following check up at selayang Hospital .

    giddy tigress,
    according to my fren, her son was seating at the ascalator , suddenlly his cloths at his arm was stuck at the escalater and pull his hand down, mayb the boy miss located the hand at the escalator, that y the hand was stuck too at the end, If he is strong to pull himself out, it can still be save …. by the time the father reach him, already get stuck badly . 😦 But the escalator still on/jalan, no body stop the escalator … out of sudden .

  9. All Precious Moments Says:

    This is scary, didn’t expect this would happen to hand instead of leg. My well wishes to the boy and mother.

  10. giddy tigress Says:

    Gosh, that is scary! I suppose he should not be sitting on the escalator step and unattended too!
    Glad to know he is recovering well.

  11. andrewjune Says:

    ayo anggie, i just saw this post leh…
    i hope the boy will recovered very soon and so sad to read about what happened to him…
    this serves as a warning to us as parents…must always keep an eye on our babies/toddlers!

  12. Malaika's mummy Says:

    poor boy. I am shocked. Yeap, we heard of feet stuck between the elevator, but hand.

    I hope he will recover soon.

  13. jazzmint Says:

    OMG…..that is so painful :(…

    i guess we gotta be alert all the time when we have kids

  14. cairo's mommy Says:

    hi, first of all lemme say wat a good thing you have done by posting this. you never know how many parents you have jolted awake with this one post!

    though i’m hibernating from the bloggosphere, just cant refrain from commenting when a fren highlighted this to me.

    as for your question, i would suggest pasting an enlarged 8r size photo (the gory one) in the parents’ room, perhaps just below the wedding portrait. this would serve to remind them that they should never be so careless and let the boy SIT on the elevator in the first place or ever again in the future! they have no one to blame (not even the elevator company) but themselves for wat the poor boy went through!

    now on a mellower tone, if the boy is the stubborn type (warned by parents but didnt listen), post the pg rated (bandaged) photo of him on the fridge door as a reminder that he should not do it again. they need constant and visual reminders. cant help it, boys will be boys :p

    it works like a charm with my cousin’s kid.

  15. Anggie's journel Says:

    Alice :
    Yup, was unexpected !!

    giddy tigress:
    He’s recovering well now.

    ya lor, i know this boy and his mum was close to me, i m sad to see this thing happen.

    malaika mum:
    very shock !! i m sad !!

    Sure pain lor, i see the photo i already feel pain .
    Poor boy, when he reach Hospital, cant immediately go for operation, cos he just have lunch, have to wait 2 – 3 hour till the stomach was empty. Tong sei lor, but doctor give him pain killer.

    cairo mum:
    wow, ur comments was very long … hehehe .
    What u said was true , should not be sitting on the escalator step and unattended .
    But this mom was my close friend, i dun have the heart to hurt her , i can only feel sorry for thing happened like that . She was very hurt as well .

    btw, hardly see u blogging nowsaday ? busy ? still in S’pore ? How’s is Cairo ?

  16. Baby Smooches Says:

    oh gosh, I was just telling hubby recently about not letting the kids play near escalators, esp when they are wearing rubber slippes/shoes…

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