Please BEWARE .

This a warning post .

BUT , I feel like writing this post, share/remind many parents out there or even myself about this incident that happen to one of my close friend ‘s son which age 5. It’s happened last 2 weeks at one of the well known shopping complex. .It’s not the place we go, cos this can be happen anywhere, as long the place had ESCALATOR . We often heard about kids legs stuck at the Escalator . But this was abit different, not at the legs.

Do not read further if you do not dare to look at the picture.
My heart almost fall off when I saw this pictures . It’s was so scary and so heartache .









His hand was stuck at the Escalator
How can a lil boy handle such a pain 😦
(the small photo is actually the scariest one, i just cant show it too clear)

According to my friend, her son skins actually was gotten inside the escalator, they were lucky cos managed to pulled his skin out , other wise … I think the hand was gone …. It’s was really bad the skin was almost fall off and even see the bone . It’s happen so sudden and very fast like few second , This happen cos the son was sitting at the escalator.

Last please beware and take good care to our lil toddlers, Sometime they are too curious , too excited , too happy while they able to go shopping . They don’t realize what is dangerous to them . They don’t know what will harm them . When bad thing happen like this, we cant blame anyone . No body want this to be happen !! BUT we can prevent it !! Maybe you can share with me, how to prevent this to be happen ??? How normally u do to remind your kids ?

poor boy ….
Last, let pray and hope this lil boy had a speedy recover.

( Doctor said in future he might not able to carry heavy thing, he actually
hurt one of the finger’s nerve as well )

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