Old Mag + Mossy net

Last Saturday was a busy day for me, i skip my Chiropractic treatment too . I told doctor i plan to have my treatment twice a week rather than 3 times a week, seem i was very much OK now. No more pain or numbness, now the treatment more on adjusted the cervical spine & bone . It’s need long time. So i will take my time for many months of treatment that comes . I don’t want to rush and get myself stress or tired.
Since i m fine, i decided to clean abit of my store room, oh… i realize i have many old magazines since year 2004 . If thrown all away, abit wasted . So i plan to cut out what is necessary to keep .

I keep all the parenting tips / problem, it’s should be help for me as a mother now and in future . Of cos not forget to cut out all the recipe from the magazine too . I think i personally like to cook and bake . But don’t know why i just cant find the passion to start on . I been drag on for many years, till now i still haven really started to cook a proper and nice meal . My hubby always said, “u keep so many recipe books, but i haven seen u cook also ???!!!” …… emmm… sorry dear , one day …. (duno which day:)

Apart from cleaning the store room, we had our Mossy Net . Finally we decide to install the Mossy Net . We been plan for many years cos it was really expensive and we had our window grille early. We try not to take out the grille , install the net and put back the grille again, it’s will cost even more .

So we had our Magnetic Mosquito Net yet still remain the window grille . Day time we can open up the window, so the room not so stuffy and hot . Not afraid of mosquito too . Lately alot of mosquito. Mossy really like to attack baby and kids, my son was a good example ,till the leg was full of marks and bite 😦
The mossy net charges was RM10 x 10 SQft, with 5 years warranty . We only install upstairs bedroom/bathroom only . That’s already cost us RM8XX ….. Good news was we can save electricity , don’t neet to on the air-cone most of the time & no mossy during the night time .
I am happy with that !!


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