Unexpected gathering and gift .

I was meeting up with a previous lecturer of mine during my studies back in Ipoh. He was a great lecturer i ever know, he always mingle with us as a students, very friendly and carefully listen to our design proposal & he always give us his option and design to improve our design. I always look for him to “click” on my architectural design during my study. He such a humble lecturer & architect. I was so glad that he able to meet up with me at Alamanda last 2 weeks, rather for me to travel to KL . We had a good chat and also with some of my junior in Ipoh too. BTW, this lecturer of mine from Japan, recently staying in Tokyo and he used to travel to Malaysia very often, he even told me Malaysia just like his third HOME. (1st was Japan, 2nd was China… i guess)

At the end of the gathering, he gave me a gift for JEREMY .







aik….. and i give a smile 🙂 and said : “Jeremy is a BOY “

” oh, i’m very sorry, i thot JEREMY is a Girl ???? ” replied the lecturer.

Anyway, i do feel heartwarming to received any gift from my lecturer.
Even Jeremy BOY cant wear this , i will still keep this cloths as a gift from all the way from Japan, who know in future God give me a beautiful baby girl (keep my finger cross).

Anyway, this is my active, playful, noti, talkative and love :


13 Responses to “Unexpected gathering and gift .”

  1. wen Says:

    nvmd, save for next bb see if dapat girl or not..hehe

    jeremy is boy’s name ma why he didnt know ah?

  2. andrewjune Says:

    yeah i told him that jeremy is a boy…i dont know how/where did he got the idea that jeremy is a girl!
    and i also sent him the link of your blog too!

    p/s: probably he’s sending you a message? *hint hint*

    hey, why didnt put any photos of the gathering?

  3. chanelwong Says:

    hmmm…s sign you will get baby no2 a girl?

  4. jacss Says:

    haha…that’s cute! hey, even it’s for girl…dun waste now..just try to ‘play’ putting on jeremy & show us ma… shd be very funny!

  5. giddy tigress Says:

    How thoughtful of him… the shorts can still use on Jeremy though.
    oh, and your scrap is really nice!

  6. Miaoy Says:

    just keep it for ur second bb

  7. bits of life Says:

    so nice to received a gift from ex-lecturer, isn’t it?

  8. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    hahaha…Anggie, i really can’t stop laughing when I see the baju. Anyway, can keep for your girl next time 🙂

    Hey, i changed my blog theme. Not sure if you will be able to visit me easily this time….

  9. mybabybay Says:

    Keep it for Jeremy sister. What a mistake..hehehe

  10. jazzmint Says:

    hehe no worries…can keep for next baby 😉

  11. Anggie's journel Says:

    Mayb Japanese not sure about Jeremy name … hehehe

    NVM la ….. I didnt take my camera , so no photo.

    oh….. hehehhe… not this year !!

    wahahaha… u jahat la ….. but not la …. yah, i can imagine that!!

    giddy tigress,

    u r right.. can keep.

    yah, his very nice !! always buy gift for his student 🙂

    mummy to qiqi…
    i know why u laugh, u must be imagine that Jeremy put on the girl cloths … true ??? hahahha.
    yah, i saw ur new theme .. very nice.

    mybabybay & Jazz:
    yah … hopefully jeremy get a sister in future…:)

  12. slavemom Says:

    How thotful of him. But so funny that he din get the facts right b4 getting a gift.

  13. vickylow Says:

    haha you can start planning for a mei mei for lil Jeremy leow.

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