Left or Right ??

I do introduce pencil , color pencil or crayon to Jeremy sometime ago . Giving him a drawing book as well . I guess most of the kids like to draw when given color pencil or crayon. They should be allowed to draw as soon as they can somewhat hold a crayon or pencil. My son enjoys drawing and I do think its cute to watch him concentrate when he draws however, he likes to grab pencil and write on anything, he can scribble for quite a while. Of cos they cant draw or write anything yet at this age. Jeremy even cant decide which hand should used , right or left ?? Hahaha but he can used both hand to hold pencil . Still too young for them to decide . How old should a child be before handedness can be established ? Time will tell, but most of the time he was holding with his right hand .

But i won let him alone with all those crayon or color pencil . I will make sure he was seating on the booster seat . So he won carry the pencil and draw everywhere . To watch him so he won put those crayon/pencil in the mouth and taste .
Lately daddy was really busy with work and study . We hardly go out like lastime . I had to find more activities for him to enjoy while he was at home , and also to have a strong love & care bonding between me and Jeremy. That’s the free time we share , apart from that, most of the time he spend at nanny house, just like we spend in the office. i m sure nanny won have such activities for him .

15 Responses to “Left or Right ??”

  1. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    hmm…Anggie, actually u can roughly tell oredi by the way he play with his toys and handle the spoon. See which hand has got more strength (and thats the side of his brain is controlling).

    U can try to encourage him to write with right hand, but if u notice he keep on changing to left hand, personally i think you shud let him be.

  2. andrewjune Says:

    dont worry too much lah, he is still to small to draw you anything yet…be patience lah 🙂
    i’m pretty sure he will inherit his mummy’s creative skills and he will definetely draw something for you later…!
    wah…i noticed jeremy wearing pink today! so sweet:-)

  3. giddy tiger Says:

    I don’t think it matters if he is a leftie or rightie…but he looks like a creative chap!

  4. sting Says:

    mine is a rightie.. he wanna hold everything in his right hand! but if Jeremy uses both hands that’s great… shows he uses both side of the brain 🙂

  5. Cat Cat Says:

    Wait till they know how to play playdough… Itellyou, I still can find playdough pieces on the carpet although it was banned in our household for months…

  6. JO-N Says:

    It’s great to have him exercise both hands. It shows that he is using both side of the brain.

  7. Ita Says:

    It’s good to let them use the pencil or crayon to draw or colour. Up to their creativity. Like my 2 boys, their activity is only at home and not at the nannny.

  8. vickylow Says:

    Ya roughly I could know my girl is right handed as she use this hand mostly. So when she doodle or feeding herself I would correct her if she use her left hand. Anyway some said it’s genectically but some said not. If a person is left handed this mean he/she use their right brain. Left brain is for logical and fact whereelse right brain is for imagination and creative.

  9. All Precious Moments Says:

    I agree, we need to spend quality time with our kids. Allow him to choose which hand to use, after all, our child is the brightest kid of all in our hearts, no matter he is left or right handed 🙂

  10. Agnes Says:

    hi, thanks for dropping by at my blog. hmm..cute Jeremy and he is same age with my daughter.

    good to have more time with Jeremy and he sure will love it when u spend time doing coloring with him.

  11. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Oh yes, must never leave Jeremy with pencils, else he would pop them into his mouth or worse, run around with them.

  12. jazzmint Says:

    hehe..i think even up to 3 yrs old, it’s hard to tell. I encourage my girl to use both hands when she’s tired, I ask her to switch hand LOL..

  13. slavemom Says:

    Yup, must keep an eye on them when they hold a pencil/colour pencil/crayon. They’ll run ard with it, put in their mouth or draw on the wall.
    I don’t know when it’s obvious but at the moment, CE uses both hands to eat.

  14. MamaTang Says:

    Oh! I had scribbles on wall and tables and on anything they can put their pencils or crayon marks on.

  15. 1+2mom Says:

    For me it doesnt matter right or left hand. As long as they can hold the pencil and write.

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