Left or Right ??

I do introduce pencil , color pencil or crayon to Jeremy sometime ago . Giving him a drawing book as well . I guess most of the kids like to draw when given color pencil or crayon. They should be allowed to draw as soon as they can somewhat hold a crayon or pencil. My son enjoys drawing and I do think its cute to watch him concentrate when he draws however, he likes to grab pencil and write on anything, he can scribble for quite a while. Of cos they cant draw or write anything yet at this age. Jeremy even cant decide which hand should used , right or left ?? Hahaha but he can used both hand to hold pencil . Still too young for them to decide . How old should a child be before handedness can be established ? Time will tell, but most of the time he was holding with his right hand .

But i won let him alone with all those crayon or color pencil . I will make sure he was seating on the booster seat . So he won carry the pencil and draw everywhere . To watch him so he won put those crayon/pencil in the mouth and taste .
Lately daddy was really busy with work and study . We hardly go out like lastime . I had to find more activities for him to enjoy while he was at home , and also to have a strong love & care bonding between me and Jeremy. That’s the free time we share , apart from that, most of the time he spend at nanny house, just like we spend in the office. i m sure nanny won have such activities for him .

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