Women’s Weekly Workshop

Women’s Weekly Workshop 26 April 2008

I was attending this wonderful workshop last Saturday with my Best friend (siewling), Anyone was there ? Maybe we don’t realize each others ..heheh…
I personally like to attend this kind of workshop, we get to learn from each other, everyone from different background with different success, we get to explore ourself in different way, to boost up our confidence . Learn trick to have a fast make-up and so on. There’s so many powerful , pretty and wonderful girls, lady & women out there with so much success and confidence . Some are really young . But always not too late to learn and start anything .

This workshop was all about. (make it short)

  • Confidence secrets to succeed in life
  • How to start building your income by DBS Hwang
  • How to find fashion to flatter your figure by Lewre ( shose designer)
  • Trick to perfect make up by Clinique

I just paid RM120 for this workshop, but entitled to have a RM500 goodies bag with …. hmmm… so many thing like evian eau minerale naturelle (water spray) 400ml, women’s weekly magazine, pendant, radio, Lewre RM50 voucher, Clinique make up remover oil, Clinique lip gross, Parker pen, note book …. etc etc etc . But i was really amazed with the lucky draw … gosh, it’s was so super …. even have change to win prizes like units trust from DBS Hwang up to RM2500 , RM500 voucher (10) from Lewre shoes and of cos Clinique hamper (10), parkson voucher up for grap. But me and my friend no luck to get any lucky draw . It’s fine, we do enjoy the workshop. Will sure look for another workshop next year 🙂

For Lim Li Ching and Sweeney, i m glad to know both of you .U girls are funny and great!


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