My party hat !!

This was back dated post and photos . Jeremy was attended a birthday party last weekend . What funny about Jeremy was, he love his party hat . He’s having fun wearing the party hat . In the birthday party ,I realize none of the kids wearing this party hat, even birthday boy itself doesn’t like to wear it . But my Boy was having joy . He refused to take off the party hat. He was wearing the hat from the party back to our home . Even at home he still wanna to wear it !! I try to exchange other toys with him , but he is too clever to give way. If i take it off just like that, he will cry and mad .
But is about time to bed , he still wearing it and played with his car. Once i look at him, i feel that baby or kids had a special way of adding JOY everyday. Simple things will just made them happy. How nice it was !!
At the end of the day , i just switch off the light, and say “dark” already, it’s time to sleep-sleep . I carry him and without his notice i take off the hat, cos it’s was dark and distract him with others things …. hehehe ….. lucky he didnt cry . Other wise he will have to wear the party hat to sleep .

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