Am i hardworking enough ??

Back on March .. i suffer several pain on the neck bone and hand . Like i written on my previous post. Post 1 & Post 2.

But after go tru some Chiropractic treatment , i m still on my treatment now and it will take me sometime . Doctor requested me to have this Chiropractic treatment for 6 months, first 3 months (3 times a week), last 3 months ( 2 times a week) . After this 6 months , i have to maintain it.. ohhh. quite serious hor ??… yah, alot of Chiropractic treatment i need to go tru. Why i need so much treatment ??? because need time to adjust or align my neck bone , because i have a bad/poor posture . At this moment no more pain on neck and hand. But still very slightly numbness on one of the finger (right hand).
Beside doing Chiropractic treatment , i also need to co-operate with doctor . On the other words, i need to be hard working.

i have to used neck roll to sleep, just neck roll, without any pillow . Not sure how long it take me , but i m slowly used to this neck roll . Means i have to sleep straight , better do not turn to right and left. But sometime when we in our la la-land dream, we will forgot and sleep at the posture i used to sleep .
On the 2nd photo . Doctor requested me to take 2 tablets of N-Cobal to repair my nerve . Perskindol gel to rub on the pain area . Epsom salts to soak my both hand for 10 minute every night. Put the Flexipac 3 times everyday . The Flexipac actually was an ice pack . The ice reduces the swelling, tissue damage, inflammation, muscle spasms and pain. Increases the flow of nutrients into the area and healing process . I m sure doctor will slowly introduce me more exercise and more ….
Am i hardworking enough ?? I m trying .
(if anyone wanna know more about Chiropractic treatment or the payment can contact me personally at

How i wish i could sleep like Jeremy boy … this is the best posture i
used to sleep . This is the comfort style i used to sleep .
& i like to sleep on my left side too.

10 Responses to “Am i hardworking enough ??”

  1. chanelwong Says:

    You are really is not easy to keep it up with soo many things to do…

  2. Ita Says:

    Hey….totally understand what you mean. Last week when my back was killing me, it’s so hard to sleep in the position that you don’t normally sleep.

  3. andrewjune Says:

    yeah really hope you will keep on going for treatments until you’re alrite…once done, you will be back to normal…then you can sleep whatever positions you like šŸ™‚
    pls take care!

  4. slavemom Says:

    Wow.. that’s really a lot of work in a day. But no choice loh hor, if wanna recover fast, hv to be vy hardworking. It’s good to know there’re some improvements edi. Keep it up, girl!

  5. wen Says:

    i pity u but for the sake of getting well, suffer for a few mths then u will be well. take care.

  6. jazzmint Says:

    take care and hope u recover soon

  7. mybabybay Says:

    Hope you get well soon!

  8. vickylow Says:

    Keep it on your hard work, emotional support you here!!

  9. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    I hope the pain you are suffering now will go away soon. Hopefully with all the treatments you are getting now, you will be cured very soon.

  10. Anggie's journel Says:

    Thanks to all blogger for the great advice and warm regards …

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