Jeremy Chang Ee Jay 18months

Jeremy Turn 18 months tomorrow , mummy post this one day early , here some update,

Weight : 10.5kg ( hardly put on weight , too active, ran here and there)
Height : Dunno
Teething : Lost count , cos he dun allow me to see & brush.
Diet : Still porridge , milk and oat . Will wanna to try whatever we are eating like cake, bread, biscuit …etc .
Bad things that this Boy dun like to drink water or any form of liquid, even Vitagen, ribena or juice . He just don’t like “water” Sometime have to force him .

Language development :
Nows day his very talkative and curious, eehh, eehh, yaa yaaa. Most of it I dun understand .
But his doing quite OK with naming animals , ( rhino, pig, fish, tiger, lion, bit (rabbit), cat , dog, ping (penguin) , octopa( octopus) , la (golila), pig, horse, zit (lizard), bird… apart from animals . he can name, star, moon, train, bus, car, bottle,bubble, flower, cup, ball, apple, book .. lately achievement was naming eyes, nose, mouth and ear .

What he does :

  • Climbing stair ( I think most kids like climbing stair)
  • Love watch TV, especially Barney, Dora, Pingu . Is my fault , sometime I was busy doing housework, I will switch on the TV, sometime is too difficult to feed him meal, I will also switch on the TV .
  • Nowadays it’s really difficult to put him to sleep . After reading to him, after milk, he still wanna to jump on his baby coat and do some Gym until he fall a sleep. Sleep in between 10:30pm – 11:30pm.
  • Started show he dun like to seat on his car seat .
  • He like to play with other kids or even go near to other kids to touch them, but he cant share his own things like toys, if anyone try to take his things, he will cry out loud and mad and even throw anything he hold. ( kind of hot temper , I wonder how to bring him to playgroup)
  • Like to wear shoes , meaning he wanna go kai kai.
  • Funny dancer , any music can put him to dance.

Bad & Good habit I notice:

  • Not able to share things with others.
  • Stare at people when he mad.( I duno where he learn this)
  • Still on his pacifier when he mad and lou kai. Only this can cool him down.
  • Whatever he saw us eating , he will wanna eat and he will throw out what is in his mouth and wanna to try new foods.
  • Like books, fresh card.
  • Easy going boy , can kiss anyone if ask to, easy to get along with people he just knew .
  • Able to eat anything we provided, not choosy on food.

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