Play & Learning Time

Every kids love play time, now was the best time and age to introduce more fun playing and learning tools with your kids, as JO-N ( It’s all about Play) Blog say FUN LEARNING MAKE CHILDREN HAPPY, HAPPY CHILDREN LEARN FAST . It’s very true !!
I was spending some time the other day, playing with Jeremy and thought that some of these activities might be useful for him . Rather let him ran here and there to the kitchen & study room and i m not fully OK to carry him . So I introduce more playing and learning tools with him . He learned pretty fast on naming those animals , even he cant say the whole name . He will say : Bra (Zebra), Po (Hippo), Lion, La (Golila), Bear bear ( Brown Bear), Bird, dog, maio (cat), pig, horse… He can pick most of the animals when ask . Why, cos he having fun with his mini zoo … that’s why he is learning fast. Later i will try get him some “farm animals” too like sheep, cow, goat . Super block and magic drawing board was a must playing tools for kids (for me) to create their creativity skills. I always wish Jeremy had a creative skill ….. like his mummy … ekham …. hehehe & a good calculation skills like his father … hehehe , i think i m expected too much !! I also introduce “masak-masak” to Jeremy, Boy also can play with “masak-masak” . But the “masak-masak” toys was kind a small especially spoon and folk might get injured if he ran and fall . So i keep it and let him play later when his ready .
Just love spending time playing with him, but sometime it’s do turn out a mess , doesn’t matter !! We can make tidy/cleaning toys part of the games too .

1st scrap : Jeremy telling me his drawing a STAR & being so concentrate while drawing it. ( Doesn’t matter what he is drawing , that’s was a good beginning for him, to hold a pen/pencil and draw )
2nd scrap : His trying to build a tall tower i guess, that was a 1st time i introduce super block to him, he try to stack one by one .

p/s : Do visit some parenting blog about Children plays and games . It’s help us, especially new parent like me, to get some ideas .


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