He Know Me !!

( My very 1st digital scrapbook & like to dedicate to my hubby)

This man of mine know me well . He know I being moody for the pass feel weeks. He behave very cool , silent and steady. Sometime I wonder how come he didn’t show me he is very “kan cheong” and worry .

He know lil thing can easily spoil my mood and make me mad .He try to find way to cheer me up .. even he was in a poor temperament too. more and more work in the office. late nights sleep, MBA, assignment ,more bills to pay.. stress, wife behave moody and want everything to be done and alright in a faster way … help to settle my income tax …. Even now Jeremy was fall sick for almost 4-5 days due to fever, cough and flu .

When i recall everything back, i m sure he must being worry , busy with everything and take one day at a time to settle each one by one, taking care us in a very loving way, at the means time being silent and don’t want us to get worry and know he is actually “worry” about us too.

Firstly , advice me to try out every medication which can help to release my pain and get back to work. ( … be patient, cannot everything be fast fast fast… it’s take time to heal… you be alright, you be able to carry Jeremy ….. nothing serious happen to you la….. you got to to be positive …….. bla bla bla) I be having my 1st time visit to chiropractic this coming Saturday , hopefully this help !!

Secondly , he bought me a Life Mattress … Life Mattress ?? (huh, what so powerful i ask him)
Yes…. This Life Mattress is made of unique materials that have the special ability to emit Magnetic Field, Negative Ion and Far Infrared Ray in order to furnish us with favorable sleep and significant health benefits.

Health Benefits Of ATM Life Mattress
• Increase the quality of sleeping.
• Enhance blood circulation.
• Enhance the activation of derma cells.
• Enhance the function of nerve cells.
• Reduce fatigue, relief of muscle and joint pain.
• Assist in anti-aging.
• Strengthen the immune system.
• Enhance cell metabolism.
• Assist in elimination of toxic chemicals and wastes.
• Prevent hardening of blood vessels.
• Improve rheumatism, arthritis, bone fracture, scathed ligament, etc.
• Assist in wound healing

After few weeks trying out on this LIFE Mattress… I think it’s work for me .. (at least I can seat here and work , blog some and started to do digital scrap , even I stop taking some of the medication ) good sign !?? I not very sure !!! let see how in another week. So no waste to invest on this mattress… cos is was very costly … RM XXXX. I very sure and believe a good night sleep is very important for each of us to start a new day !!

Thirdly, we had a great time in Langkawi on the 29th march to 1st April.
I was about to cancelled the trip, I thot I won’t be enjoy myself in Langkawi. Cos I won be able to play with the water activities .. swim or walk too long.

I guess I m wrong … He know me well cos…… ( cant walk ?? rent a car lor, Can’t swim ?? Go duty free shopping la ?? Can’t carry ?? buy a luggage bag and I carry for you . Tired ?? Go spa and massage la … Never try Lobster ??? come we go makan Lobster, King prawn and tiger prawn …im afraid of high but I will still want you to try out the Cable Car …. This is why I bring u here to Langkawi even I been here many time) ( cos he work with Star Cruise before)

After a good , loving and nagging, after a nice sleep, after a good holiday … i m slowly back to “track” now . All this lil loving and caring , it’s really give me have the passion to move on each day.

人生過程中您是否也是汲汲營營隨波逐流呢?何妨停下腳步抬起頭來看一下方向對否 ,生命若不是現在 , 那是何時 !!愈是簡單的快樂 , 愈可以經久不變 ,不用苦苦追求快樂 , 現在就是一種幸福喔 !!!


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