Can’t Wait .

I was in the office on the last Wednesday & Thursday . Why I said “in the office” cos most of the time I was seating and resting, I m not working. I m not able to work on the computer for 1 hour. I was trying to work and “test” myself how long I able to work infront of the PC … well… maximum 1 hour. After that, I rest and lie down in the conference room. ( like my own room …. Rest and sleep…in and out …… i do feel bad )

I was really upset and down last week when I realize I m not able to work like normal, it’s nearly 1 month. I still cant get well like before. Maybe I was too rush and wanna it to alright and be normal like I used to be. ( sound like I want it to be alright NOW)

So I took another leave off since I cant work. Rest at home doesn’t make me feel better, I think I m too negative and I feel restless and useless once I m at home. All this stress myself out and turn out I get worry and miserable . Seeking for orthopedic , acupuncture & chiropractic. I get Confuse , dunno which one can help me have a “speedy” recover. At least let be back to work. ( many people many doctor many opinion and many medication…. Have to try one by one ….. cant wait ….)

I just cant wait …………

1st MIR scan : This was mine MIR Scan … showing a slightly off alignment on the C5 & C6.
2nd MIR scan : A normal human cervical spine curve, mine was abit out of the “C” Curve.


16 Responses to “Can’t Wait .”

  1. kiasumum Says:

    anggie… pls don’t give pressure to yourself… sometimes seeking too many dr with too many advises will oso confuse u as u do not know which is which and who to listen to. do the theraphy first, sooner or later it will be recover… don’t push yourself OK, meanwhile please take good care!!

  2. sting Says:

    woah… slow down.. you’ve been thru so much ya.. you really need to take time and rest and do theraphy.. think of what will happen if you push it too hard.. you don’t want to make it worse ya.. do take good care ok..

  3. Ita Says:

    Hey girl, give it some time before you return to do the normal stuff you used to do. Do let us know if you need any help.

  4. Miaoy Says:



  5. chanelwong Says:

    take it easy n relax…take time ok?

  6. wen Says:

    if it is really serious, i wld change job which doesnt require me to be in front of the pc for hrs. spinal leh, must be very careful one.
    seek the right doctor for ur prob. the hospital wld know which doc.
    all i know is that when i sat in front of the pc too long once, my shoulder was pain and tired and i saw a chiro. after few visits, i got better edi..ya, u better slow down leh.. think of jeremy and hubby, must take good care ya

  7. andrewjune Says:

    i thk you really need to consider to switch jobs at the moment considering what harm it does to your body…i thk it’s quite serious to the extend it’s affecting you physically now…like wen said, thk of william and jeremy…dont thk so much of work now (you can thk of work later ok!), i thk you must thk of getting well soon!

  8. jazzmint Says:

    aiyo..don’t pressure urself, just take it slowly and speedy recovery

  9. Vivian Wong Says:

    get good rest. take care!

  10. slavemom Says:

    Yeah… nothing is more important that good health. So pls don’t push urself over the limit. Don’t even hv to test how far u can go. This kind of thing takes time to recover. The more u rush it, the slower u’ll recover. Y not talk to ur boss to c if u can take a long break to fully recover? Take care ya!

  11. jacss Says:

    oh dear…do bear in mind that the spine is so important lor, so do take extremely good care of it!
    nothing is more important than health!!

  12. Mommy Says:

    hi anggie…i’m so sorry to find out only now about your health. it does sound bad and i hope you will recover in time. you have people who love you a lot, so keep it alive ok. hugs and kisses to you.

    btw, i got a tag for you, but you don’t have to feel obligated to do it.


    -pek imm

  13. KK & WS Says:

    i am a slipped disc mommy too…infect, i had my back injured even before I carried Ern. It wasn’t easy for me during pregnancy.

    Don’t worry too’s going to take some time to recover.

  14. bits of life Says:

    hi Anggie, how could it be like that? What is the doctor explaination? Sit too long at the computer? or something else? this is indeed very serious.

  15. Sasha Says:

    dear, i also can’t wait for sept to come. Cos i have slip disc and I’m preggie samo. So so senget!

  16. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Can physiotheraphy or some kind of special exercise help? Really dunno what advise to give you. When I had chronic backache, arching my back on a fitball everyday did wonders but I’m not sure if that would help you or not. I wish u a speedy recovery.

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