Can’t Wait .

I was in the office on the last Wednesday & Thursday . Why I said “in the office” cos most of the time I was seating and resting, I m not working. I m not able to work on the computer for 1 hour. I was trying to work and “test” myself how long I able to work infront of the PC … well… maximum 1 hour. After that, I rest and lie down in the conference room. ( like my own room …. Rest and sleep…in and out …… i do feel bad )

I was really upset and down last week when I realize I m not able to work like normal, it’s nearly 1 month. I still cant get well like before. Maybe I was too rush and wanna it to alright and be normal like I used to be. ( sound like I want it to be alright NOW)

So I took another leave off since I cant work. Rest at home doesn’t make me feel better, I think I m too negative and I feel restless and useless once I m at home. All this stress myself out and turn out I get worry and miserable . Seeking for orthopedic , acupuncture & chiropractic. I get Confuse , dunno which one can help me have a “speedy” recover. At least let be back to work. ( many people many doctor many opinion and many medication…. Have to try one by one ….. cant wait ….)

I just cant wait …………

1st MIR scan : This was mine MIR Scan … showing a slightly off alignment on the C5 & C6.
2nd MIR scan : A normal human cervical spine curve, mine was abit out of the “C” Curve.


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