Animals Lover

Lets have something (post) nice and relax post to share . Puts my problem aside ….
Miss my boy ?? I miss carry & playing with him . Such a loving and cheeky boy … He is my laughter and smile .

Jeremy love animals … just like the father. We bought many animal books for him & lately i decided to buy him some animals toys.. i know he will love it . He even know most of the animals when i ask him to pick , like tiger, lion, golila , giraffe, rhino, zebra, hippo, elephant and bear . He will show u how a certain animals act and sound like , but mostly sound like tiger …. hehehe

We also had sea fish at home . Everytime when daddy feeding the fish, Jeremy will walk near the fish and watch the fish eat and swim. I think sea fish/fish was a nice pet to the family and kids .


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