Getting Better

It’s been a long break for me since my last post . Thanks for all the well wishes and regards. Friendly specking , I been NOT “OK” since my last post …. but getting much better now…












Yup, I was admitted to KPJ Hospital on the 15th til 20th . hmmm… 5 days in the hospital. Plus 6 days MC, it’s a long break but not a nice break for me . My shoulder and hand was really killing me, that cos me cant walk, cant stand or even cant seat. I can only lie down on the bed.

5 days in the hospital ….i go tru twice X-ray , Blood test and even MIR scan on the CERVICAL SPINE . Report said – There is cervical kyphosis , reverse cervical alignment at the C5 & C6 . That’s is why cos me the pain ( very very pain) ,muscle cramps and fingers numbness.

Nothing much doctor can do due to the pain I had during that time, only more pain killer pills and more injections. & have to go tru Phycio Therapy twice a day . But too much medication and injections cos me to have double vision / blur on my eyes sigh … and dizzy .

Today was my first day back to work and yet not 100% recover yet . I could said 80% recover, still abit uneasy/pain on the hand. One of the finger still numbness, Still cant seat too long . Still cant carry heavy things means I still cant carry my boy 😦

I m now seeking help at the Ortopedik & Akupunktur in KL . Go tru some Chinese Traditional Phycio Therapy like neck traction. Doctor said my muscle was to hard to do Akupunktur. After 4 session, i think it’s help … Well, still long way and many session to go , i will update my progress on this later .

I got to stop for the time being . Last, for those who had shoulder pain or any pain due to too much with the PC and Laptop. Better get help early, dunt look at it lightly.


23 Responses to “Getting Better”

  1. kiasumum Says:

    oh dear!!! please take care of yourself ya…. rest more ok!

  2. JO-N Says:

    Take care Anggie. May I know what cervical kyphosis, reverse cervical alignment is? I’m really sorry to hear that you have suffered so much pain. Hope everything will be normal again.

  3. chanelwong Says:

    dont worry…we will wait for you to recover…

  4. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Aiyoh, so sorry to read about your condition. I’ve never heard of this condition before. What causes it? You take care and hopefully you’ll feel better again very soon.

  5. andrewjune Says:

    welcome back after so long!
    anyway, didnt know you’re so sick till hv to be admitted to the hospital! gosh!
    hope your boss will invest a VERY GOOD working chair for you to sit while working on your PC/laptop cos it will also boost your overall condition.
    yes i know your work involves a lot of using your fingers/hand for illustrations, but i sincerely hope you will take a longer break to recover.
    actually my wrists are also painful now, i dont know why, but i thk it must be due to i always wash my hand with cold water during confinement…anyway, i will take your advise, and visit a doctor soon to check on my wrists soon!
    take care ok!

  6. slavemom Says:

    Woah… this is serious! Glad to hear that u’re recovering well. Do continue with the therapy as it’s better than taking long term medication. Try not to aggravate ur shoulder n hand further (esp while u’re working). Must give them time to heal completely. Take care ya!

  7. mybabybay Says:

    Take care and rest alot yeah!

  8. wen Says:

    aiyoh, hope u get well soon. chiropratic helps? take care, better dont go back to work first la until u r completely heal

  9. jazzmint Says:

    omg……how did that happen…must be so pain. u take care and rest more. get well soon

  10. Cat Cat Says:

    Hope you are 100% recover very soon… Nice to have you back.

  11. vien Says:

    rest more..and speedy recovery!

  12. vickylow Says:

    poor Anggie, take good care of yourself. Speedy recovery to you. BTW will it cause problem to conceive 2nd one?

  13. Hazel Says:

    hi, first time here. hope u get well soon.

  14. Ita Says:

    Please take good care of yourself. Make sure William takes care of everything while you rest.

  15. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    oh dear…hope u recover soon..Anggie!

  16. sting Says:

    oh dear.. sorry to hear that you were in such pain… hope you’ll be 100% recovered soon ya.. take care.. and do take occasional rest ya..

  17. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:

    hey dear, i’m so sorry to hear that.

    you MUST take care. get well completely and i think you should not worry about blogging and really cut down the time in front of pc….. at least for now.

    i will pray for your recovery.

  18. ezekielys Says:

    Hi Anggie

    sorry to hear tat u r sick with the shoulder pain …. do take k n pray for God’s healing upon you…

  19. BlurMommy Says:

    Take care & get lots of rest!

  20. Baby Smooches Says:

    Anggie, dropping to send you my regards… take care and rest well.

  21. giddy tigress Says:

    What a whole bunch of medical jargon! I hope you’ll get well soon. take care, and don’t worry, we’ll keep coming back to your blog when you get better

  22. slavemom Says:

    Hey, how r u? Here are some awards to speed up ur recovery. 🙂

  23. Jacss Says:

    oh my…didn’t know that it can be so serious if work on PC too long!!

    this is so unfortunate for u…hope u will really take good rest this time to fully recover coz i’m sure jeremy stil yearns a lot for his mumy to carry!

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