Cherish D" Moment

Our love one can drive us crazy when they trying to test us and push our “limit button” like my previous post. But still having them around us is the best thing that ever happen to me since i became a mum. Will love to cherish every moment .

I will always try my best to make my boy happy, find way to make him laugh and make him happy. I just love the way he laugh, he always have a sweet and happy smile and laugh. When ever I’m sad and down at my working place, this “laugh” can make my day !! Those are the moments that they should be happy, once they grow up ..and one day like us, they will have many to worries like us .
So, My boy, Cherish and be happy as many as u can .
Kids love playground, so do my boy, especially those colourful playground . Jeremy love playing with the slide so much . Again and again . Luckily it was during weekday when we take him to the playground , not much people. just among our self. The best part was – It’s a indoor play area with air-cone. We play till the kids was tired . There’s 2 area of playground , one was at the outdoor .
Now u know why kids love their grandpa and grandma ?? By looking at the pictures, you’ll know why !! Such a happy and loving bonding among them . – Cherish this moment
Apart from the playground. I like playing “water” and “showering” (bathing) with my lil boy .What else to say ??!!! The laughing sound, the water splashing sound, the rubber duck sound ….. etc etc . We just cant have enough !!
– Cherish The Moment –
“When i express my love with actions, that is when i feel the most loving”
(P/s: The playground photos was took during CNY while we went Alamanda & The bathing time was just took yesterday while mummy try to wash and clean the toys, end up ….. like this …..)


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