SCREAM out to be noticed ??

My little man likes to scream. Sometimes just for no reason at all and other times because he didn’t get his way . He also likes to throw things, especially when he’s angry. We would love some advise on how to handle this or maybe examples of ways to discipline him?

As for the screaming part. He likes to scream and sometimes it out of excitement but mostly its out of anger .Or he want our attention? The screaming is really shape and really hurt our ears . The worst part when we bring him out to restaurant, he will scream like a thunder … oh, I m embarrassing .

Nanny been complained so many time about this too.

Normally we will say very calmly and firmly that STOP and NO screaming. But He is far too young a child with whom i can have rational discussions. I cant move him elsewhere and shut the door. I cant ignore and leave him like that . He scream even loud . Sometime I just put him on the floor / baby cot and let him cry out of his lung . Even i was heart break to leave him, but i have no choice . Daddy said is time to cane him for behave this way . I don’t believe cane will solve the problem. Cane at this age ? 16 months.

“Terrible 2” start early ????? Mummies out there …. How you handle this ?


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