I’m 95% free …. Yeh

I m free from what ?? Let me tell you .
I been suffer from skin allergies more then half a year … It’s something like “fong mok” very itch, very irritated, It’s worry me. This allergies started after one or two months I stop breast feeding my boy . I guess due to hormone change after give birth.

I never had any skin allergies before , never been so serious . I had to take medicine to control the allergies. I took Zyetec 10gm , each tablets can last for 2 days, after the 3rd and 4th day, the allergies started to appear … almost whole of my body, leg, hand, waist line, ear , eyes, the worst come to my face. Aiyooo…… so itch, so fed-up. ………… fuhh …. Those who suffer from this, u know what I means and how I feel .

I do chat with some bloggers and mummies , some do have this allergies, but not that serious, some mummies are so lucky didn’t suffer from skin allergies.

Doctor cant even tell what cos the allergies… and it’s hard to detect what actually cos this allergies too. I try so many medicine even organic drink or Chinese herb medicine … but it’s doesn’t help at all & those medi was just so costly, end up I give up, cos it’s so expensive to take every month. Mostly is 1 months supply each medi. I actually been so worry, I cant take medicine for long, I cant 100% depend on the allergies medicine that the doctor provided me.

But since early January, I try out this Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules from Orifera and at the means time I drink up the TRUDTOX Natural Herb Cleaning once a day for 1 week and took 3 capsules of VCOC a day, is actually equal to one teaspoon.

As for the TRUDTOX, for the first 1 week, I drink 1 tea bag everyday. You feel like going to toilet after 7-8 hour, but not like those slimming tea that cos u so much pain …. After few week trying both. Then I realize it’s shown very much improve of the skin allergies . I cant say i m 100% free. Still 5% more . The allergies come on and off but very rare now, got also 2 or 3 spots . Even I stop taking the VCO for fews days, even I didn’t drink the TRUDTOX for fews days, it’s doesnt cos much allergies, as i said, got also few spots only. ( I was actually wanna find out, it’s is work for me, that y i m stop taking those for few days) Honestly I don’t know which of this help me !! But it’s work . either one or both . It’s work.

I think I will take this VCO as a Vitamin daily, no harm. It’s something like Vitamin. It’s do help and improve eczema and psoriasis. I m glad I found VCO in a Capsules… those who drink the VCO, actually know it’s kind a hard to drink, that why I stop drinking the VCOil, until I come across VCO in capsules. U be surprise, it’s only cost RM35 for 50 soft gel .

As for the TRUDTOX. People will think is a slimming tea, for me is more on cleaning toxin, helps reduce toxins and pollutants and promote normal functioning of our body detoxification, it’s doesn’t help me losing weight ( but it’s do help losing weight for certain people) but I feel much better , lighter and flatter tummy after the cleaning. But as for this a bit costly, 5 tea bag cost RM29.90. So I won take it often . I will take Whatever I think I need it. We need to clean our body from time to time.

U can easily find TRUDTOX at Watson or Pharmacist , but it’s not easy to get VCO (Orifera) in shops or Pharmacist , i buy from a agent , it’s will send to me by hand or will post to me if i buy more then RM100. This VCO is approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia too.

U can find more details about this 2 product here :



For those who suffer from skin allergies like me, let try this , who knows it work for you .
It’s will be even good if u follow natural detox diet, which u plan your own meal . For me is a
bit difficult, cos my MIL cook for dinner. I had to eat whatever she cook.

I m so glad i dunt hv to suffer from this anymore, at least not that bad . I can wear my short pants , my singlet shirt again .. hehehe. I m so happy to share this with you . It’s wasn’t funny when suffer from skin allergies . It’s very torture !!


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