Jeremy 16 Months Developmental

I haven been update Jeremy development since his 13 months years old … I realize I haven been really jot down on certain developmental of Jeremy . Some I even can’t recall back .
Another 1 hour, this lil man of mine turn 16 months . Here’s some of Jeremy 16 months developmental:

Food and Feeding
Milk : 3-4 times of milk , less than 15 OZ. He not really like to drink milk and plain water.
Food : 2 times porridge ( at nanny house)
Oat with milk + cheese, Mee Suah with egg , Ikan bilis and Vege.
Started to eat some rice with soup, Love Cheese, yogurt.
Good News, No more allergies to Wheat, can eat bread, biscuit.
Love raisin. I could say he started to show interest on adult food, whatever we eat.
We do let him try, but in small amount. Still allergies to prawn.

Sleep : Daytime ( ard 2-3 hours nap), Night ( 930-1030pm till the next morning 7:30 – 8am)
Teeth : 4 upper ,another 4 coming out . 4 bottom, 2 coming out at the bottom too.

Motor Skills & Communication and Social Skills.

  • Can say and understand words like : Book , Car, Bas, Star, Moon, Dog, Ball, Birds, Door, Ma , Pa, Bye, No, nen nen ( milk or water) , Tik ( kick) ( of cos with his baby slang), lately can even say “barney” .
  • Can show u how’s a dog, tiger, fire crackers, Gorilla sound like …. (funny and cute)
  • Can point to the nose and ear when we ask him.
  • Put his hand on his chest and “ah ah” means Scared.
  • Can know the family member : Mama, Papa, Grandpa, Grandma, Shu Shu, Ku Ku .. etc.
  • Like to talk on the phone / hand phone … talk like pro … but we doesn’t know what he is talking about. Some baby language.
  • Love to watch Barney, Barney and Barney. Started to like others cartoon.
  • Can dance, Can act like a “chicken, He just like to act and Copy the way we say and move, especially form TV advertisement. Can Gong xi Gong xi .
  • I could say he is very playful and very active, walk and run and started to climb… none stop, the only time he stop was during his meal and sleeping time … other wise … have to watch him like a “cow”. Not easy … have to watch him, cos he fall easily.
  • Very sweet and friendly lil boy . Like to smile to people, very easy to get close to people which he just know.
  • Know how to kiss with sound , to people that play and saying him . ( he know )
  • Very hot temper too, mad and sound madly when he don’t get what he want, When someone try to take away his thing. He can talk very soft like a lil girl, but can scream like a thunder …. Hehehe.
  • Very inpatient. Whatever he want, he want it now .
  • Started to show unwillingness to share thing.
  • Started to know to take out his pants . Can put his hands and legs up and down when change.
  • He get afraid when he seeing doctor now, he even cry, I think is becos of the Denggi incident, poor boy.
  • Know how to blow and drink using straw.
  • Point and get his cap, socks and shoes, ask to wear for him.
  • Know how to get down from bed and sofa ( leg down).

  • Still on napkin & drypers. Not yet potty train. Got only the morning session after his meal.
  • Still sleep in baby cot .. have too !!
  • Still drink with bottle, not really train him using training cup.
  • Cant seat long during meal time, that’s why the booster seat is very useful, tight and lock him up safely …. Hehehe . high Chair cant even get him seat and stay for long, he will climb up .
  • Still on his pacifier but only sleeping time.
  • Still sleep with us . But in his baby cot . Have to accompany him to sleep, other wise he will cry when mummy or daddy out of the room. Quite Manja !!

That’ all for his 16 months old development.


11 Responses to “Jeremy 16 Months Developmental”

  1. jazzmint Says:

    wah a long list of development ;).

    happy sweet 16 months

  2. sting Says:

    Happy 16 months Jeremy 🙂 those are very cute photos of him.. he’s a friendly toddler isn’t he..

  3. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:

    Happy 16 months. keep growing and keep learning lil Jeremy.

    he got such a lovely smiles.

  4. SueSue Says:

    Very cute boy ya. I think at the age of 16 mths you can trained him to go diaperless during the day d. Get ur nanny to do it.

  5. vickylow Says:

    A detail 16th mths development. He is clever on his speech.

  6. slavemom Says:

    Happy 16 mths old, Jeremy! He’s growing to be such a handsome lad. And I just love to hear them kiss with a loud sound. CE has just mastered it too. 😉

  7. andrewjune Says:

    lil jeremy is 16 months old…that makes my rachael is 4 months old…:-)
    happy 16 months to lil jeremy!

  8. JO-N Says:

    Happy 16 months Jeremy. Did you edit the photos? It’s very beautiful! I have sent you an email. Did you receive?

  9. All Precious Moments Says:

    Wow, you are such a loving mother. I don’t think I can be so details on my boys development. Happy 16 months to Jeremy! Bravo Mommy!

  10. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    so fast hor…..isnt it more fun since Jeremy boy is older during this new yr celebration? my girl seems to enjoy a lot the more she grows each yr 🙂

  11. Trinity Says:

    You are a great mother who really keep track your lad! And Jeremy is really cute and cheerful. I love his smile..

    I have a tag for him here

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