Happy Chinese New Year!!! 過年了…………………..

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
May you have a fruitful, happy and healthy rat year.

i be taking a long leave off started tomorrow till 13th February which is next Wednesday.
not very long leave actually, i wanna to start work on the 15th , but i had a presentation
on the 15th itself. Too bad, i will have to work at home and start work early.
Just in case i m too busy to drop by your blog …
here, wish u a Happy Chinese New Year.

According to Chinese Zodiac from World Of Feng Sui by Lilian Too,
“This is a non-stop year for the Dragon ( yes, i m born on the year of Dragon). Your creative energy is at its peak and you find yourself pulled in many different directions. Refrain from being too impulsive. Devote more time to considering your options before starting on new projects. The Completion Star combined with the Earth Seal, together with your natural drive to succeed, is a potent cocktail indeed.”
Sound a very busy year for me . I do busy since i enter 2008 into the year of RAT.
Go here and there, busy doing this and that, rushing the date line and prepared this and that.
BTW, no matter the Zodiac is good or bad to me, i will try enjoy it… don’t take this too serious, what really matters is a good heart, a good health , a good personality and all the good attributes, to make a whole great year!


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