Melaka Trip ( 2Day 1 Night)

It’s was a sunny day while we visiting Melaka on the 27 to 28 January . .We spend the time Cari Makan and Jalan Jalan at the Melaka town. Melaka was full of historical places and alot of nice food to makan.

It’s was really a sunny and hot day, end up i have to buy Jeremy a red cap .
( at first he don’t want to wear it, until we praise and said : Jeremy look Handsome and Cute).
Now … he like to wear cap …. hmmmm… small small boy already know wanna be “leng leng

Let’s Go To The ZOOOOOO……..

What Will We See At The Zoo ? What Will We See At The Zoo-Zee-Zoo …dah dah dah dah (mummy cant remember the whole song) …a songs by Barney, which also Jeremy favourite song. We plan to bring Jeremy to Zoo for quite some time. Especially when we see him so enjoy watching the Barney CD which showing all the animals and song . That why we could like to show him the real animals that appear in the Barney CD like : Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra , Tiger & etc etc.
We went to the Zoo yesterday around 9:30am in the morning to avoid the hot sun . Guess what?? We feel like the whole Zoo was belong to us, yes… it’s only 6 of us in the Zoo apart from the worker … hahaha, Maybe is becos of Monday . It’s actually quite fun without so many visitor … opps… 🙂 A great trip to ZOO for all of us, myself haven been to ZOO for many many years ….

It’s been such a long time i didnt blog about Jeremy, i didnt post his photo too , heh heh heh … Do Miss Jeremy Boy ? Still as active and “noti” as before, lost abit of weight too . But now he gain back his appetite, started to eat alot and always ask for ‘mam-mam’ specially when he reach the fridge in the kitchen.

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