Damascus Countryside – Zabadani & Bludan

It’s was a short trip for us to visit countryside at Zabadani and Bludan, we plan it last minute and it’s also the last day we stay in Damascus. We spend around 4.5 hour at this countryside
( 1.5 hour drive (2 way). I m glad i able to have some site seeing and “jalan jalan” during the last day, especially during winter time, can see a snow capped mountains. This 2 places was attracted by its fresh air and beautiful scenery, Damascenes rush to this 2 places on hot summer days. The area has many hotels and restaurants, cafes and camping sites situated near the banks of the river.
Many Damascenes, however, prefer another nearby resort, Bludan, which spreads over the mountain overlooking Zabadani, at 1500 metres above sea-level, It is cooler here and the scenery is particularly impressive, especially at sunset. Here, too, plenty of hotels, restaurants and cafes cater to the needs of all visitors. Most notable among them is the Grand Hotel, with its spacious terrace that overlooks the entire Zabadani plain.

Even i was quite stress at the beginning of the stay at Syria, due too Jeremy and work stress, but at the end of the whole trip, i do enjoy it !!

After back to Damascus city from Zabadani and Bludan. I proceed my plan for last minute shopping, see anything else i can buy ……

Before i go Syria, i told my hubby, don’t need to change so many USD or Syrian pound , cos nothing for me to shop in Syria , i sure all Islamic things .. But you see la, i end up shopping and spend almost of my money .

This 2 places was a shopping heaven for tourist and local people.

The shoes there are really cheap, some more with handmade and leather. I bought 2 pairs for myself, the rest was a gift for my parents in law. I do bought a pair for my hubby, but the saiz was too small. ( i do feel bad about this), by just look at the photo, the most expensive shoes was Jeremy’s shoes, still too big, will keep for future . Seem Syria was winter time, can get alot of cheap and nice winter cloths , i bought 1 for Jeremy . I also get a Arabian Perfume, i actually like the bottle.

Realize the Red winter cloths i wear ?? i bought at Damascus too. We , most of my colleague bought a winter cloths there, cos some didn’t bring enuf winter cloths, i do bring enuf of winter cloths, but i just love this Red colour winter cloth . Another reason for me to get one, cos we try to claim it from company . hehehe . Hopefully the claim will be approve by HR.

Well… end of my story and journey of Damascus, Syria .

I will take a break and on leave on Monday, I had a short trip to Melaka with my PIL . Will like to spend more fun time with my hubby & Jeremy. Jeremy like animals, will bring him to Melaka Zoo. Blog again when i back next week.

Wishes You All Have A Nice Weekend . Already shopping and prepared for CNY ?? … not yet for me *-*


14 Responses to “Damascus Countryside – Zabadani & Bludan”

  1. slavemom Says:

    The shoes r really cheap hor. Came back with a big bag of souvenirs? The winter jacket u bot is really nice. Hope u’re able to claim from co, then it’d be even nicer! 😀

  2. andrewjune Says:

    hey the countryside view is so beautiful than the city…LOL

    love the red winter jacket and the shoes as well…you should buy MORE shoes…what a goof bargain!

    btw…omg…the cabbage is so bigggg!

    enjoy your weekend in Melaka with family.

  3. mybabybay Says:

    Those cabbage are huge! How do they make it so big? The place look nice and I am glad you enjoy yr trip.

  4. jazzmint Says:

    wwahhhhh that kobis very the huge!!!

  5. shern's mom Says:

    wow, nice scenery, really big cabbage, pretty shoes, nice red jacket. you must have a smashin trip.

    have a great weekend.

  6. shern's mom Says:

    wow, nice scenery, really big cabbage, pretty shoes, nice red jacket. you must have a smashin trip.

    have a great weekend.

  7. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:

    winter.. blue sky.. snow capped mountain .. fresh air .. make you feel so close to nature! something different from buzzling city landscape.

    good choice. a red winter clothing will make you stand out from a gloomy winter weather.

    have a nice weekend!

  8. slavemom Says:

    Let’s join in the fun to set a world record. 🙂

  9. Mummy to QiQi Says:

    wow…Anggie, u had so much fun ler…!!!

  10. JO-N Says:

    Lovely photos and I’m sure you had some lovely experience as well. Glad that you enjoyed your trip.

    A cut and paste tag for you.


  11. bits of life Says:

    wow! nice scenery, huge cabbage…hehe… so many souvenirs! what a fruitful trip ya. Enjoy your trip!

  12. Jacss Says:

    luckily u enjoyed d trip in d end…

    and u r well-deserved for a break now!

    wow..the cabbage so huge man !!!

  13. Sasha Says:

    is that cabbage? SUPER HUGE!!! and the clothes OMG! so cheap!

  14. sting Says:

    that red jacket is really beautiful and looks good on you 🙂 glad to see you had a good trip.. enjoy yr holiday ya

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