The Architectural & The Syrian Cuisine in Damascus

It’s was a new explore for me to visit Damascus , Syria . i think no matters is an old or modern country, there always have there own unique thing to share and explore.
Damascus was really an old and historical country, but we can also find some high rise and modern building at the Damascus City. Make it short, is always better to show photo … and very sorry i can’t recall back some of the Arabic name of the building, places or street, i can only know the name of my site project … 🙂

This are some of the modern building in the Damascus City .

An old residential houses and also busy street , can easily get taxi there.

Some very unique architectural along the pedestrian shopping area.

For sure alot of historical building and mosques .
1) Al Hamidieh – shopping heaven especially for Muslim.
2) Omayyad Mosque – ancient mosque.

Beside the architectural, i like to share The Syrian Cuisine with you here .Syrian food combines the sophistication of European cuisine with the excitement of eastern spices, and it is Syria’s culinary contributions that have been the greatest influence on modern Arabic cuisine.

Many traditional Syrian Cuisine are simple preparations based on grains, vegetables and fruits. Often the same ingredients are used over and over, in different ways, in each dish. Yogurt, cheese, cucumber, aubergines, chick peas, nuts, tomatoes, burghul and sesame (seeds, paste and oil) are harmoniously blended into numerous assorted medleys. Parsley and mint are used in vast quantities as are lemons, onions, garlic and olive oil. Pita bread is served with all meals for dipping.The Syrian cuisine is varied and rich, in view of the fertility of Syrian lands and the abundance of their crops which enable the cook to be a master and to diversify in his choice and talent in the preparation of fresh meals made of vegetables, legumes and meats.

The table is always full of food from one end to another ends. All kinds of salad will be serve before the main dishes. Cant recall back those arabic name of the food, some i cant even know how to pronouns .First time i try out the lamb testicle , well, i m not going to try again … eikkyak…. not nice at all for me, but for some of my malay colleagues , they like it so much . But i like the lentil soup and dip with the pita bread .

Never never miss the kebab there, it’s really nice and yummy !!

The Syrian table is always decorated with the various delicious pastries famous all over the world. Travelers do not miss to take with them on their leaving the country samples of these sweets to give them as presents to their dear friends and family members. These desserts are followed by fresh or dried fruits grown in Syrian fields. My boss bought us 3 box each of us of this Baklava.

Baklava or baklawa is a rich, sweet pastry featured in many cuisines of the former Ottoman countries. It is a pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios and sweetened with syrup or honey.

1) Can easily get fresh vege and fruits at the market .
2) All kinds of beans and nut in the market.

Just a simple write up about the Syrian Cuisine and some architectural building ‘s photo. Will surely share with you, the most happy time of mine in Syria – Visiting Countryside and Shopping .


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