Home Sweet Home

At last i m back to my country – M’sia and “home sweet home” this morning around 11am . How nice to feel be at home again, to be with some one u been missing and longing , one week in Syria is just like few months time for me. I hate taking flight, cos i’ll be “mabuk” most of the time , 3 hour flight from Damascus to Bahrin, transit and wait for another 2 hour, and it’s took another 7 hour from Bahrin to Kuala Lumpurfuhhhh…. long and tiring journey… anyway ….. I’m Back !!
Everyone in the family was absolutely fine and good , especially my little boy, he being like a “lil king” and being pampered by PIL …. almost spoil lor , but he lost abit of weight !! . So nice to hug this lil man of mine again … and of cos another “big” man .. miss both of them so much in Syria.
I’m still in “jet lat” !! The time is totally opposite and the weather is totally different . Hopefully i can recover within this few days.


I wanna to say THANK YOU to my beloved Hubby …i can see he been doing a hard work when i was not around, i know is not easy to do all thing at a time . My hubby being so supportive to me ,without his support and encouraging, i not able to work well and will not enjoy the whole working trips to Syria. At the time i feel bad to leave Jeremy to him and PIL . But my hubby being so comforting by saying all the nice nice words and being joke with me, so i don’t feel bad and stress .
Thanks to you my hubby . I love you and Jeremy is so lucky to have a daddy like you . We all are very proud to have you !!
Last, i m so sorry, i bought a wrong size of shoes to you from Syria . Means that it’s been such a long time i didn’t buy u shoes . hmmm ….. will get u another pair soon 🙂

To all my dear blogger, i will be posting about my trips to Syria when i m free . You be surprise, cos i also able to done some shopping there in Arabia Country . Of cos I’ll be visiting ur blog very soon. Now busy unpack my luggage, so many cloths to wash and trying to get some rest too .

Stay tune, and see u again in your blog .


11 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Cat Cat Says:

    Welcome back… Glad you had good time in Syria… Wah, can’t wait to see what did you get in this beautiful country.

  2. mama of 2LittleFellas Says:

    welcome back! take your time…rest well first!

  3. andrewjune Says:

    Hello anggie…nice to be back rite…welcome back!

  4. Mommy Says:

    welcome home, anggie!
    -pek imm

  5. slavemom Says:

    Glad to hv u back home again. Awaiting ur posts abt the trip. Wah.. u so pandai can buy shoes for ur man. I nvr dare to buy things like shoes that’ll need trying on coz even for the same brand, the same size may be a little different.

  6. kiasumum Says:

    welcome back anggie!!! take a rest and update us later ya…

  7. Annie Q Says:

    welcome back anggie! we will wait patiently for ur update.

  8. wen Says:

    got a tag for u
    welcome home..ya


  9. bits of life Says:

    welcome back Anggie! We miss you a lot too. So glad that you are safe and sound. It is so nice to be home again! Will wait fo ryour updates.

  10. Sasha Says:

    eh u so lucky that yr hub is supporting u! not many man will do that 🙂

    Welcome back!

  11. Health Freak Mommy Says:

    Welcome back. You’re so lucky to be blessed with a wonderful hubby.
    Lamb testicals? No way I am going to try that.

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