I’m all fine and save in Damascus, Syria.

Im staying at the Le Meridien Hotel in Damascus, photos shown the view from my room … nice view? There’s a restaurant on top of the hill, most properly we will have lunch or dinner tomorrow there.It’s must be very cold …..The temperature here was real cold at night and morning, tonight the temperature was ard (-6). Some of my colleague even fall sick becos of the weather. I m glad, i bring enough winter clothing.

It’s been a busy day since i came to Damascus, Last night i slept at 1am local time, and wake up 4am to finished the proposal drawings…. finally the presentation was over this morning, but still have some data to be collect after the presentation and many meeting to be attend.

( photo show i was busy working at the lobby in the hotel before we had meeting , …. a nice photo showing i was working … not go Syria for “makan angin” only … hehehe).
I actually cant wait to go home , cant wait to see my boy again. My PIL was taking care of him at night, and bring back to nanny house on the day time. The make a call back to M’sia was expensive, i only keep in touch with my hubby tru SMS. each SMS was around RM3 .
Last , i’ll reach and ‘land’ Malaysia Sunday afternoon … see u all again & i like to say thank you to all blogger who leave comments to me, those are really nice comments and really warm my heart and make me feel better and wonderful by just read those loving comments from Syria.

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